Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Decide Which One

It's time to retire my present digicam and get a new one! I've actually been waiting to replace my camera. Really wanted the Panasonic Lumix LX3 at first but Neal is such a loyal Canon customer (makes sense because of the good after sales service they provide) so I guess I'll have to follow his lead. Question is...which of these two should I get?

This is what I really want...the Canon Ixus 100 IS (approximately Php22,000)

Here's the actual size. Aylavettttt!
(although I'm really leaning more towards the red one right now)

But Neal insists on this...the Canon Ixus 110 IS, approximately Php24,000. He really has a huge say about the gadgets that we buy because I'll admit, I'm not a techie at all.

Each model has its good and bad points. The one I want is sleeker and more fashionable looking but reviews say there's something awkward about the zoom feature. The 2nd one, on the other hand, is a bit heavier but with 4.0" zoom --- perfect for landscape and group photos.
Features wise, the 110 IS is of course more advanced --- hence, the difference in the price tag. Oh well, I guess it will all boil down to the "touch and feel" experience once I'm in the store. Whooooopeeeeeeee!!!

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