Monday, June 1, 2009

Once you pop, you just can't stop!

And I'm not talking about the famous potato chips here. In my case, it almost always refers to SHOPPING...most specifically when it involves my biggest passion.

It all started on the evening of May 26 when I attended the pre-MYOH special event at the Rockwell Tent with my good friends and fellow flip flop addicts. I brought home a complimentary pair which I customized to my own liking. (See first picture)

A couple of days later, we were back with a vengeance but this time it was on the first day of the actual Make Your Own Havaianas event. Armed with all that energy and excitement, I ended up bringing home a total of 4 pairs (one was for Mom and it doesn't appear in the pictures here because she wore them right away).

With the rest of the afternoon free, Pia and I decided to spend the rest of the day leisurely at the mall. Lunch at Pepper Lunch was our first stop after spending about 3 hours at the tent making our flip flops. We were starved!!! Pao and her Achie decided to go home after that so Pia and I were pretty much by ourselves the rest of the time.

What do you do with all that free time???

I guess you very well know the answer to that by now. Suffice it to was truly a PRODUCTIVE afternoon for the both of us.

(Shoe)Shopping is most fun when in the company of someone who truly understands HAHAHA!!!

I just realized we didn't even take pictures of ourselves. How??? Our hands were too busy carrying our shopping bags.

Anissa will surely benefit from my Havaianas loot. She and I now have the same shoe size (listen to me justify).

My compli pair from the special event : marine blue soles, spring green straps,
lomo cam and beach pins.

Pair #2 from: light blue soles, orange straps and boom box pin

Pair #3: hot pink soles, brown straps, tarsier and limited edition pins

Pair #4: red soles, brown straps, vintage and limited edition pins (latter not in pic)

Pair #5 from Moana in Power Plant: Soft Violet Top
I was never fond of anything violet or purple but I couldn't resist this one. So pretty!

Pair #6 also from Moana: Slims in Bubble Gum
The very last pair in this color and it was my size. Meant for me!

Pair #7 from Stella Luna, Power Plant: Love at first sight!
I've already used this twice since Thursday.


  1. wow! you are addicted to those slippers ...

  2. how much is that green dollshoes?

  3. Hi rhaindropz...I believe it was Php 4,000+.