Saturday, June 30, 2007


The worst regret we can have in life is not for the WRONG things we did but for the RIGHT things we did not do. Think about it.

Ling Nam is a No Deal

The first time I saw that LING NAM was back was a couple of months ago while walking around Greenhills. From outside, I could tell they were pretty serious about their comeback. The present interiors are a far cry from what their branches used to look like in the 80s.

So when DB came by the house earlier and announced he was hungry and didn't have time to wait for dinner to be cooked, we hurriedly rushed to the LING NAM branch along Shaw Blvd. The 3 of us : DB, DH and I were too tired and too hungry to go elsewhere (LN Shaw is about 10 mins from my house).

DH and DB looking like they're about to die of starvation ha ha ha!

Classy compared to what their outlets looked like years ago

Walang kamatayan...Sweet and Sour Pork (this was good because I didn't hear DB complain)

DH had the Beef Wanton Noodles with extra Chicken Strips

I had the Beef Wanton Noodles

We all shared the Salt and Pepper Squid (this one was a huge FLOP)

I'm giving my LING NAM experience a rating of 2 stars. Food was so-so, mostly disappointing. I should have had the Sate Bihon, which I had tried before and was super good.

Rediscovering MAC

I'm not a make up junkie.

Never was and I don't think I ever will be. I have just the right amount of essentials in my kikay kit. The 3 things I can't live without are : eyebrow powder (I have very few eyebrow hairs *loser*), eyeliner (for the upper lashline as well as the waterline) and blush. I love wearing lipgloss, too, but I tend to lick my lips a lot so they kinda defeat their purpose. I'm slowly learning to kick this bad habit though, so I'm back to glossing my lippes =)

On a recent trip to Shang Mall where I met up with some girlfriends at DOME for coffee, I found myself browsing at the MAC counter in Rustan's. I realized that it's been years since my last MAC purchase. When I was still working in a hotel, I would regularly buy my lipstick and face powder from MAC. I don't know and can't remember why I stopped buying. But while I was looking around at they stuff they had, I became reminded of my MAC hoarding days back then when I would take advantage of every business trip to HK to bring home loads of Studio Fix, Taupe and Marrakesh lipsticks and Spice lipliner. I suddenly missed buying MAC! =( can probably guess how that trip to the mall ended up. I've rediscovered my favorite cosmetic brand and now the proud owner of NC35 Sheer Pressed Powder, powder blush in Mocha (super duper natural on the cheeks, I swear!), Lipglass in Lust, Tinted Lip Conditioner and Lip Gelee in Dewey Jube.

Broke? Yes! Happy? Very!!! =)

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Wait no more

I remember ordering these from my online buddy and now friend (and fellow mineral make up addict), Nikki some 3 months ago and now they're here. I can't wait to try them out!

Lumiere Brush Set and J.Lynne Lipcream in Judy

I love the velvet-y feel of the pouch and the size which is so convenient!

The brushes up close...

Psst! You'll never believe how much the brush set cost including shipping all the way from the US. I won't bother to post the price here because it's useless, the promo is over and it's now back to its regular price *hee hee hee*.

It's been about 2 months since I first blogged about this and I've been using these brushes since they arrived. They definitely deserve all the hype they've been getting in various mineral make-up forums, both local and international. I love them!

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Those darn mosquitoes!

The rainy season is here and somehow I feel relieved because I remember just how hot it was during the summer.

But just as the rains started to come, so did these darn smoquitos, as Anissa used to call them when she was a toddler.

I've always been wary about using products containing DEET on my kids. Sadly, the only thing that's readily-available in the market to prevent mosquito bites is OFF Lotion, which I personally don't like.

I don't know why but eversince I gave birth to Sabine, I notice that I became more prone to mosquito bites. I'd sit in our small lanai reading the papers or having coffee with several other people and the only one who would end up with multiple bites is me

Johnson and Johnson used to carry their own insect repellant which according to another Mommy friend really worked for her and her kids. I don't know why they discontinued the product.

Luckily while I was browsing through GirlTalk last week, I chanced upon a thread advertising virgin coconut oil products called COCO CABANA. I've heard a lot of people talk about the benefits of virgin coconut oil but I've never used it. I ordered a bottle (100ml) of the Insect Repellant and I got the package just this morning. I'm going to use it on Sabine when she goes out for her afternoon walk later.

Equally interesting are other COCO CABANA products such as the Liniment, Make Up Remover, Daily Intensive Hair Care Oil, Daily Intensive Skin Care Oil, Natural Hand Degreaser (I'm intrigued by this) and Suntan Oil. All products are all-natural, of course.

The repellant smells so good, more like Citronella than coconut

Visit Joanna's website at if you want to order from her

Friday, June 29, 2007

What motivates you?

Plain and simple.

To start things off...

I'm back!

I began blogging a couple of years back and my first ever blog was right here. But I was eventually swayed into moving elsewhere and I did. Lately though, it's gotten a bit too crowded in my other home. Not to mention the frequent glitches that I and other residents have been complaining about.

I hope my back up plan works and I can continuously blog here again.

All for now...see ya soon!