Friday, June 29, 2012

Will This Make Me Feel Better?

After picking up the little girl from school, I decided to drop by Purple Oven in Oranbo, Pasig on the way home. It's like LSS that's been in my head for days. There's nothing sweet inside our fridge, that's why I just had to grab something. 

After going around the store a few times, I finally zoned in on this. Their Classic Sansrival. They also have a Pistachio version, which sounds interesting, too. But this one is tried and tested and people have raved about it before. P650 for a whole cake, I think around 8" in diameter. Not bad at all. Especially after you bite into it. Totally worth it!

My cold got worse this afternoon. I had to step out to attend 2 meetings : one in school and another one outside, but still with co-parents. The weather didn't help either. 

I'm in bed, winding down with this

I hope to wake up feeling just a bit better tomorrow.

Enjoy your Friday night and the weekend as well.

God bless us all.

50 Photos To Take With Your Kids

Now here's a list I know every mother will love! How much of it have you accomplished? In my case, around 75%. I'm going to complete this list, I promise!

I Finally Have It

This poem has been on my mind but I couldn't remember the words so I couldn't look it up. My aunt, a very close and really good friend of the family for so many years now, sent me a message yesterday plus a copy of the poem. Hooray for great minds that think alike!

I swear I can hear my Dad's voice while reading it

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hair Issues

I had a blowout yesterday and was shocked at how long my hair has gotten. This is the longest it's ever been. I've been waiting to get a digiperm but after seeing this, I'm now having second thoughts...

By the way, the hair bump is courtesy of yours truly, ahem ahem. Hehehe. I'm not totally useless when it comes to fixing my hair, even if I'm lazy to do it most of the time. I got used to having wash and wear hair for 10 years so having hair this long feels like a challenge. So much so that I always decide it's best to wear it in a ponytail or bun. 

I'm in a serious fix now. To rebond again (it will be my 3rd session in 3 years) or go ahead and get it permed with medium curls? I'm thinking rebonding might be the more practical solution because #1 - it's less drying than perming and #2 - i can always get curls on special occasions. 


What to do??

My Dad Is A Butterfly

I have heard many stories from people I know, about butterflies and spirits. Many say that right after a loved one passes, he/she usually returns in the form of a butterfly. It could also be a bird, but the butterfly is most common. I have experienced this with my mother-in-law. Sometimes a butterfly shows up at our patio at home when a special occasion is at hand (her birthday or death anniversary). Otherwise, I don't see any butterflies around my home at all. So I know that the butterfly is really her (rest in peace, Mommy). 

Yesterday, I was at the venue where the mass and dinner for my Dad's 40th day was to be held. It was right after lunch and I went there to personally oversee the setting up of the place. I stayed in one place while watching. Suddenly, a huge brown butterfly came from behind me. It hovered over me for about 10 seconds then landed right next to me, on the sliding door by which I stood. It stayed there the whole time I stood there. And when I decided to walk into the function room, it followed me for a while before it decided to fly around the room. 

First thought? It was Daddy, of course. I had never ever seen a butterfly so huge. No, I didn't cry. It felt so calming, in fact. Call me looney but I spoke to the butterfly briefly while it was next to me. I just had to, because I was so confident it was him trying to tell me, "I'm still around, baby girl..."

Awwwww, Daddy. I miss you everyday, all the time. I will miss you forever until the day I see you again. But thank you for dropping by yesterday and for making me feel your presence, even if it's not really the same as having you around physically. 

You're with me everywhere I go, in my heart of hearts.
I love you, Daddy. No one will ever come close.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What To Wear With Coral Jeans

Next to mint, I want coral or salmon jeans. Yup, I'm fascinated with these two colors at a time when I'm supposed to be wearing just dull ones. 

Top to bottom : H&M Floral Tunic, Mango Cream Sleeveless Top, Mango White Shirt, 
Mango Striped Jumper Top. My favorite among the four is the second one from the top.

These purses are making me drool, especially the Fendi tote!

Tory Burch Revas are so nice to look at. Unfortunately, they don't agree with my feet. The gold ones are really nice and so flexible to use.

I've always had gold studs for as long as I can remember. I even have a few faux ones because they really are so useful. 

P.S. I'm so addicted to making collages. LOL.

What To Wear With Mint Jeans

Been slightly obsessing with mint-colored jeans lately. I haven't seen a pair that I really like and when I did see one recently, the store didn't have it in my size - bummer.

So yeah, I'm still looking for that perfect pair that will call out to me from the window and won't ever want to let go. I think it's long overdue, all the attention that this color is getting right now. So I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay for a while.

I've also been obsessed with collages lately hee hee. So here are some outfit ideas I put together while trying to find sleep last night...

A loose white cotton top, natural-colored sandals and a pop of color in your bag (that Proenza looks so yummy in coral arghhhhhh). I'd definitely wear this on a Saturday or Sunday, regardless of what I'm doing. It's such a laid back weekend look. 

Neutral-colored sleeved top (tucked in), a black work bag like the Givenchy Pandora and leopard print slippers like Steve Madden's. Perfect for a Friday casual day work look (if your work environment will allow). Just throw on some accessories and you're ready for a night out with girlfriends or your significant other.

And finally, if you need to go somewhere that requires you to look a bit sophisticated but not too formal, this would look really appropriate. I would really wear this myself. The silk top by Stella McCartney is a dream! It's girly but not over-the-top. A small clutch like Balenciaga's will be perfect so you don't wrinkle or steal attention away from that beautiful top with a shoulder sling. The dangling turquoise earrings and perhaps a nice cocktail ring to match will do as accessories. No necklace please because like I said, the blouse is too beautiful, it deserves to be stared at the whole time. The gold YSL Tribute Sandals (high heeled) complete this elegant yet still understated ensemble. I really really like it!

Whoever said jeans are strictly for casual occasions is wrong. I have to disagree. Needless to say, you don't wear jeans to a wedding or an affair that requires you to be in semi-formal (at the very least) clothing. But jeans have come a long way from being tagged as just a weekend piece. 

That is why I have tons of them in my closet haha.

Which ensemble is your favorite?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Trend : Lace Shorts

I don't know about the rest of you but I've always thought that lace will never go out of style. There's so much you can do with it, really. I've always loved lace details on clothing. 

I've seen a few of these on people and lately in Zara Shangri-la Mall while I was out window shopping with my girlfriends. I really would love to own a pair or two. They look so classy.

Among the three in the photo below, I'm sort of liking the one on top. The cut is not so basic because it probably looks like a short skirt from afar, right? 

Who would've thought that a simple white shirt would look great with lace shorts? If you have legs as attractive as these, go for this look.

This is something I would totally wear. For a dressier look, pair the shorts with a sheer top like the one above. Don't forget those sky-high heels!

Throwing on a casual jacket like this one also completes the look. 

This is something I would've put together myself. Mint and white look so perfect together!

Where else have you seen lace shorts? Do tell!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Daydreaming about work

While most Moms dream of staying at home to be with their kids 24/7, here I am thinking about going back to full time work. I've thought about it quite often in the past few months, but not too seriously. When my Dad passed away a month ago though, the desire to go back to the daily grind became even more intense. I have to find a way to be occupied again. This is going to be my way of dealing with my huge loss. Being busy will not make me miss my Dad less, but it will definitely take my mind off the sadness. I've been floating my CV again and crossing my fingers that one of my prospects becomes my future employer. Meantime, I've begun to look into my closet for old work clothes I can still wear. 

I got rid of a few of them when I decided I would stay home almost 2 years ago. So I have just a few basic pieces left. My main problem is that my stay-at-home arrangement made me gain inches. Sigh. Not too much pounds, which is strange, right? But most of my dresses, skirts and trousers fit a bit too snugly now, not much allowance, which is how I usually want my clothes. 

While I'm looking for work, I'm also looking at what I need to shop for to prepare myself for corporate life again. 

At work, I was always partial to dresses. Wearing them got rid of the usual dilemma of putting an outfit together every night. I simply pulled out a dress and chose a cardigan or a wrap to go with it to fight the really cruel air conditioning situation at the office. There are days though that I would rather be in trousers, especially when I know I need to step out on the field for meetings or inspections.

I have my eye on these. If I'm too late and they're not available anymore by the time I'm ready to shop, too bad. But these are the styles that will certainly work for me.

H&M Crepe Dress HK$ 299

From local clothing brand (used to be one of my favorites while I was still working) K & Company

I've been itching to buy a peplum skirt or dress. This skirt from Mango is making me want to run tot he mall this minute!

This really simple peplum dress from local online seller Toppicks Couture is so reasonably-priced at a little over Php 1,000. That's a really nice belt, too. I wonder if it can be sold separately.

This straight belted dress from Zara is so easy to take from day to night
Php 3,990 not too cheap though

If I'm lucky enough to find a job that doesn't require a very conservative corporate dress code, I'd definitely wear something like this, also from Zara

Especially the middle ensemble (because I don't want to wear happy colors at the moment)

Now back to praying for my work wish to come true soon.

Happy Saturday to all!

New Show : Dallas 2012

I have to congratulate the person who decided to resurrect this TV series. I've only seen 2 episodes so far (the 3rd one is waiting to be watched) and I'm hooked already!

Dallas originally started in 1978 when I was just 10 years old. Yup, 2 decades later the series is back. Naturally though, not everyone in the current cast was in the original cast. Only Larry Hagman (JR Ewing), Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing), Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing) and Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing) are in the present-day version. If there are others, they haven't appeared yet.

Who's new in the cast? 

Jesse Metcalfe who plays Christopher Ewing (first row, 2nd from right in the photo), Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing III (first row, leftmost), Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos (first row, 2nd from left), Julie Gonzalo as Rebecca Sutter Ewing (first row, rightmost), Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing (2nd row, rightmost). Jesse, Josh and Brenda appeared in Desperate Housewives. Do you recognize them?

I can't wait to see how the 3rd episode goes. The show only premiered this month but it's already so full of intrigue and interesting twists. 

Time to watch now. Hope you all have a restful weekend. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Things We Can Learn From Our Kids

I'll be sharing my thoughts based on the entries in this new website I discovered through a friend. I've gone through a few entries and they're mighty inspiring.

I have 2 kids ... one is 16, the other is 6. I learn so much from them everyday. I learn things from my teenager that I don't learn from my first grader, and vice versa. To be part of their world is something I'm so thankful for because I get to be in touch with their generation and not confine myself to my own.

1. TO LOOK AT EVERYONE AS SPECIAL - As a mother, I've seen my children look at me with so much admiration and love. It's one of the things I love about being a mother. No matter how imperfect I am, my children are able to look beyond that. As a child once, I know I did this too. But growing up, we get to experience many unpleasant things brought about by difficult situations and people. We no longer wear rose-colored glasses because we see reality as adults. It's nice to look at people and life in a different way, the way children do.

2. THAT WE CAN BE CAREFREE - Easier said than done. How can one be carefree when there's so much to be done, responsibilities to fulfill, bills to pay, work to be accomplished? But again, it's refreshing to be worry-free sometimes.

3. EXPRESS YOURSELF FREELY - Kids cry whenever they want to, scream when they're happy, throw a tantrum when they're upset (but please don't do this, it's taking it to an extreme hehehe). Adults should be able to express their feelings freely as well, without fear or hesitation. It's healthy, right?

4. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY - Again, easier said than done. But when you give and you always expect to be rewarded, that's when the problem begins. How nice it is to see our kids love others unconditionally. In my 6 year old's case, she doesn't just share, she gives! I had to tell her to stop giving her things away because these are hers and should only be shared, not given. She asked me to explain this further to her one time and I was at a loss for words.

5. ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH - Know the line, "Kids say the darndest things"? They do because they always speak the truth. Don't we sometimes have to silence them because they don't know when not to say things to other people?

6. DON'T WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW - I guess this no longer applies to my 16-year old. She's old enough to worry about things ... how she'll do in her Math test, what her teacher will say about a project she worked hard on completing, what she'll wear to a big party on Saturday. But my 6 year old still lives a worry-free existence. I sometimes wish I were a 6-year old again, free from worries, free from fears, just happy and content.

Which of these do you strongly agree to?

Source : The Purpose Fairy [dot] com

24 Days To Go!

It's going to be an exciting UAAP season, especially for the DLSU Green Archers. After a disappointing performance last year, things are looking good for these boys. I was able to catch a couple of Fil-Oil games and saw for myself how much potential this current batch has. What with the likes of Jeron Teng and Mark Tallo being in this year's roster.

I can't believe there are only 24 days before it all begins again. N and I have never missed a game and this is the one thing we both love to do. 

I'm not sure how I feel though about the games being held in the new SM MOA Arena starting this season. I think I prefer the (Smart) Araneta Coliseum. The MOA area is far and much too crowded.

NU hosts this year (owned by the SM group), that's why. 

Oh well...

Animo Lasalle!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I'm Bored, I Look At Houses

Is that weird? But seriously, this is one of my favorite online surfing past times. I know it's rather masochistic, especially since we don't really need to buy a house. We are really blessed to own our current home and the one we've had since 1996. But it doesn't hurt to look and dream sometimes. If we had the means right now, we would definitely have our house leased out and move into a much bigger space. For now, I content myself with just looking at whatever's in the market. 

This house is what caught my eye today. It's an actual house that's for sale somewhere in the Pasig/Cainta territory

I'm liking the exterior, especially the colors used. I don't really like colorful facades.

Natural sunlight is the BEST. We don't get much of it at home now. But look at this, so much sunlight in the daytime. I love the floor to (almost) ceiling windows!

I think the kitchen is a bit small (I have some nerve saying that when I hardly spend time in my kitchen LOL). But I love the way it's structured, with that nook in the middle. And the color motif is nice, not loud, very subdued.

I hate it when the stairs look like they're the last to be installed, when they look forced. This one doesn't look that way at all. The wooden floors, I like!

It doesn't say in the website but I'm guessing this is the Master's Bedroom. 
Again, those wooden floors are right up my alley.

I can't tell the actual size of the Master's Bathroom from this pic but it doesn't look cramped.

A walk-in closet, too! Goodness, I'm really wishing I would win the lotto jackpot sometime soon.

The stairs leading to the attic/3rd floor

Outdoor area. The seller didn't mention a garden, so I guess this is it. 

The house has a lot area of 150 sqm (standard for this village), a floor area of 280 sqm, 5 bedrooms, 3 toilets and bath (awww, that means not all the bedrooms have a bathroom --- bummer), a servant's quarter, an attic provision and a 2-car garage. This brand new property is going for Php 6.8M. I'd say the price is not that bad. 

Sorry, I think I just sounded like a real estate broker right there. I am NOT selling this house, so I hope I don't get any inquiries from readers hehe. All in all, I like it. The only thing that would keep me from buying this (aside from the fact that I'm not really in the market to buy) would be the fact that it only has 3 bathrooms. If there's one thing I've learned from looking at houses and lots for sale, it's that you can't find everything you want/need in a ready-made house. The best option is still to build your own. That way, you can tell your architect exactly what you need and see it in the finished product. Cheaper to build too!

That said, let me move on and look at more houses :)