Monday, September 29, 2008

Just A Thought

I got this text from my BFF the other day

When praying for blessings
Remember that the amount you receive
Depends on how much your heart believes
BELIEVE and God will bless you beyond
all expection

I'm sharing this with all of you because there's so much truth in these words

Sunday, September 28, 2008


There's something wrong with our Smart Bro wi-fi connection at home. We've tried everything to rectify the problem but there's absolutely no signal. So we're waiting for their people to come over and check our antenna...good luck to us. Let's see if they really do come.

I'm currently using our Smart Bro prepaid broadband kit, which we purchased recently for our laptop. Thank God we decided to get this. Otherwise I'd be on total b*tch mode this weekend for not being able to log on.

With all the stress factors I've had to deal with I really really need this outlet. Plus the fact that I need to be connected to family members in the US so I can be updated about my cousin, Gabby's autopsy results and funeral arrangements.


Patiently waiting for the silver lining to come.

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Gazillion Years Later...

Good good friend, Rina Concepcion-Peczon is home!
I wish though that Anna and I saw her under more pleasant circumstances
It's been a long time since we last saw her and got together as a group
Emails and Facebook are what have kept us in touch all this time
Rina is home to bury her dad, Rolly Concepcion
Who passed away the other day from a heart attack
These photos were taken at her Dad's wake this morning

Anna, Patty, Rina, Tanya

(courtesy of a GMA-7 photographer whom Rina commanded to take this pic hahaha!)

See you next week, Rina Con!
(P.S. I'm waiting for the evening news and your comeback on national TV *wink*)

Thank You, JVee!!!

Another great season is over
The Archers lost the championship to Ateneo today
Really bummed out just like the rest
But I'm sadder that it was my favorite, JVee Casio's last game

Thank you, Jvee...
For an awesome stint in the UAAP
You'll be missed by many of us

Thank you, Archers for an exciting Season 71

Congratulations to the Ateneo Blue Eagles
(Watch your backs...we'll see you next year!)

Until then...


Photo credit : Vic Icasas

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Who would have thought that barely a month since my grandmother passed away, the family would again have to deal with another huge blow. This time, like a thief in the night...totally unexpected. The rug was literally pulled from under all of us this morning when I got a text from my Tita Marita asking if she could call me on my landline and if my Mom was anywhere near me (she sleeps here a couple of nights weekly). I sensed that something was wrong and she had to speak to me in confidence so I grabbed the phone and went out to the patio to wait for Tita's call.

In between sobs...I was told that my 19-year old cousin, California-based Gabby, figured in an accident and the doctors say he might not make it through the day. She didn't know too much except that he had fallen from the 3rd floor of a building. I had the unenviable task of breaking the news to my Mom, who is older sister to Gabby's Dad and probably the closest to him.

Things happened so quickly. I was busy texting people and asking for information the whole morning and everyone was debating on whose responsibility it should be to tell Tito Bem, Gabby's Dad who is based here. Before I knew it, I received a text message saying that Gab was brain-dead and less than an hour later he expired.

I am absolutely numbed by today's events. Didn't shed a tear, not even when my bestfriend, Anna whom I had lunch with, looked so sad and was near tears while I told her what was happening. As of the time I got home from work tonight, all we know is that it happened inside the base where he lives (he's with the Marines) and that pending an autopsy, all they can speculate at the moment is that he might have been sleep walking and had fallen off. I'm not sure I completely understand.

First, Mama Gran and now Gabby.

I need a moment to take this all in.

Nervous Nervous!

Today's THE day!

At 4pm, arch rivals De La Salle University and Ateneo de Manila University lock horns in what could be the most exciting game in the history of college basketball since God knows when. Araneta will be jampacked as always (I'm assuming a lot of people are going to play hooky and find a reason to skip work today or at the very least take the afternoon off PLUS I know for a fact that Ateneo will not have classes for its students in the afternoon). I'm lucky to be off from work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, otherwise I'll have to play hooky myself hahaha!

That's nervous laughter, mind you.

I'm faced with a double-edged sword actually. I want Lasalle to win badly, of course. As a diehard college basketball fan, I would rather see the Archers lose to ANY other school but NOT this one! If they do win, the standing will be tied and they'll have another shot at back-to-back championship titles on Sunday via Game 3. BUT if that happens, I'll be stressed out for the next 3 days again. Not to mention the fact that more people will be available to watch Sunday's game and therefore, there will be MAJOR scrambling for tickets for sure!


The game is a good 9 hours away but the tension is so great, I'm already on my 2nd cup of coffee. Basketball fanatics I'm sure will understand exactly where I'm coming from. There will be no lunch for me today, thank you. I can't imagine going into this game with a full stomach. I've no idea how much tickets are being sold as of presstime. But last night, I wast old that Upper A seats were already going for as much as P2,500 each. Last Sunday, Patron section tickets were being sold for P25,000. Ridiculous??? YES. Unusual? NO. Disgusting??? YOU BET. Those dirtbags surely have more than enough to empty out the contents of all the bazaars this holiday season. Whoever you all are, may araw din kayo. Shame on you for taking advantage of diehards like myself (not that I've succumbed to their tactics...thankfully, I haven't found a reason to do so yet).

Bring the title home, boys!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Most Inspiring 10 Minutes of My Life

It's amazing how some things can happen when you least expect it.

I was in Power Plant this afternoon to buy Avent teats for Sabine. I didn't intend to stay long at all. In fact, I was already on my way back to the car after buying a frapuccino from Starbucks when I saw a photo exhibit along the corridor in front of Hans Brumann.

There were beautiful black and white photos of real people, apparently cancer survivors who all belong to the Carewell Community, a support group for cancer survivors and their families. I was looking at the photos and reading each caption which detailed the story of each of the survivors, when a lady approached me and said hello. We ended up chatting for a bit and I don't know why but normally my reaction would be to find a way to end the conversation without sounding disrespectful but this time I didn't feel the need to. Except for the hair loss, there was absolutely nothing about her that could've told me she had cancer. Her smile was genuine and her voice gentle. I felt naturally endeared to her.

She bravely shared her story with me. Her name is Marissa Nerida. In 2000, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 ovarian cancer and was given just one year to live. Obviously, she proved all these doctors wrong. 8 yrs later, she's still very much around. But that's not the interesting part of her story. During the time she was diagnosed, she was doing time at the Correctional Institute for Women. Yes, she was in jail! I also told her that cancer runs on my Mom's side of the family and that's why I read up a lot on it.

To cut the long story short, we swapped cellphone numbers and I promised to be in touch because she said she was hoping to hear from me again after today. I was touched when she said that she could tell I am a really good person, when all I did was give her a few minutes of my time.

I don't have the financial means to regularly donate to the Carewell Community but I'm hoping I can help in some other way, no matter how insignificant it may seem compared to the hundreds of thousands of pesos the group receives from its regular donors.

To Tita Marissa ... your story has inspired me beyond words. I'm convinced that there was something or someone that led me to that photo exhibit today and I'm thankful that I took the time to stop and talk to you. You're an AMAZING woman and I truly admire you for your strength, positivity and unwavering faith. Your husband, children and grandchildren are extremely blessed to have you in their lives. Now I have one more name to add to my list of "people to pray for". May God continue to bless you in the mysterious ways in which He has already done so these past 8 years!

See you soon!


I passed by Power Plant before going home from work today, to buy Avent teats for Sabine in Baby and Co. Since their temporary store is a few steps away from Starbucks, I stopped by to get a tall Java Chip Frapuccino to take home with me.

Barista : Ma'am may I have your name for the cup?
Me : Patty
Barista : Sorry? Cathy?
Me : Patty ... P-A-T-T-Y
Barista : Okay thanks.

Here's a photo of my Starbucks cup to illustrate what happened (sorry I remembered to take a pic of it after I downed my frap hehehe) :

Next time I'll tell them my name is HYACINTH

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

When It Rains...

I get hungry!
And today I craved for this

Shakey's Ultimate Garlic and Cheese Pizza!

But I was a good girl and waited for DH to come home
So I could share it with him
And share it we did! We gobbled up the entire thing and had to call Shakey's again for a smaller size, this time for the kids hahaha!


Hits @ the Emmys

I always enjoy watching the Emmys but my favorite part is seeing what everyone's wearing! These are my personal picks...

Heidi Klum in Armani Prive
(always a winner...she could wear a mumu and still look great)

Mariska Hargitay in Carolina Herrera
The gown looks very light and breezy
And I LOVE the color of course!

Hayden Panetierre in Badgley Mischka
Love the gown but...
is she still breathing in there??? I saw her walk on stage and she looked very uncomfortable

Sandra Oh in Oscar dela Renta
At first glance this gown looked like a Lhuillier
Elegance to the max, I love it!

Cynthia Nixon in Calvin Klein
Understated but not under dressed. Nice!

Which one do you like best?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Long Road to Araneta...


We were totally clueless about whether we had tickets to the game yesterday. And up to the last minute while having lunch in GloriaMaris at Araneta, we hoped and hoped that our contact would give us good news. At close to 2pm we were finally told no more Lower Box tickets, even the Upper A and B tickets were sold out. WHY??? I was told even the scalpers had a difficult time delivering to their clients because tickets were almost impossible to find.

You'll see from these few pictures that I took just how crappy our tickets were. We decided it was best to content ourselves with sitting in the Gen Ad section, rather than drive back home broken-hearted. It wasn't so bad. DH wanted to go home but I kinda insisted that we watch it from all the way up there because sayang naman ang pagod for going to Araneta and looking for parking in Gateway Mall.

In wasn't that bad. There's nothing like watching these games LIVE and being part of all the excitement!

JVee, my all-time favorite Archer --- you didn't disappoint!



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bag of Beans!

We're not from the South so I was totally ecstatic when I discovered that there's a branch of this along President's Avenue. We first had dinner in Shakey's across the street (as demanded by our 2 yr old boss) and then crossed over because I just had to buy their Arabica Robusta coffee (which I'm having as I type) and their pies to take home with me. I usually have their famous famous Shepherds Pie but this time we decided to try out their Steak and Gravy and Steak and Mushroom.

Sadly though...the only 2 branches in the city are both in the South (the other one somewhere in Alabang, according to the sales person).

A Visit to Mama Gran

Manila Memorial Park, Sucat
Sept 20, 2008

Sabine had a fun time running around the place, oblivious to the reason we were there
But when it was time to pray, she stood still and prayed with us (in her own language) and gave Mama Gran flying kisses before we left. We miss you, Mama Gran!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not My Idea of a Relaxing Weekend

Two things...

FIRST : Anissa's cellphone got stolen in school today. I don't allow her to bring a cellphone to school (because it's against school policies). But I wrote an excuse letter to her adviser today because she needed it to coordinate with her DF about the time she wants to be picked up. She had cheerleading practice in the gym and kept her phone inside her bag, which she left along with the bags of the other girls in the varsity, well within their reach, in case they need to get anything. After practice when they checked on their stuff, they each found something missing. In Anissa's case, it was her cellphone. The others lost their wallets, one lost her volleyball. I felt so sorry for her when she told me. I assured her it wasn't her fault and that there was no other place to keep the phone anyway. The person who stole it knew which students to target. I haven't even resolved the last issue with the school and here comes another one. Now I have to get her a new phone...hayyyyy!

NEXT : Another huge letdown. Our Araneta contact person confirmed with us this evening that we don't have tickets to this Sunday's Lasalle-Ateneo game. Why did I have a feeling this would happen? AGAIN...where did all the effing tickets go??? We have one more option, our last one. And that is to fall in line (more have someone fall in line) at the Araneta Coliseum Ticketnet booth very very early (and I mean SUPER early) Sunday morning. But on the news tonight, Arnold Clavio said that only General Admission tickets are left for sale. MAJOR BUMMER on a Friday night. I should've expected this to happen. After all, it's Ateneo's first time in the finals again after waiting sooooooooooo long (hehehe, sorry Blue people, I just had to say that) and I'd be overly-excited too if I were blue (which I am not hee hee!).

Current Mood : In the mood to kill thieves (the cellphone-stealing kind and the ones who got all the good tickets waaaahhh!!!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Suspense Is Killing Me!

Two more sleeps 'til the Lasalle-Ateneo
game on Sunday

Still haven't heard about our tickets

I got around 5 texts today asking if we have extras

That shows how difficult it is to
get those darn tickets


Project Beauty PH : A Basic Makeup Workshop

I hope I'm not too late in posting this! I promised my friend, Sophie I'd promote this in my site

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Girl Volleyball Champ

The PASA-PRISA competitions for volleyball ended today and St Paul Pasig emerged as the overall champion.

Anissa proudly called me up at around 1130am to let me know that they won the first of 2 games today and that she took the winning shot. WOW. I am totally shocked that she's taking this sport seriously! I was surprised that she even chose to try out for the volleyball varsity. She's always been more interested in dancing and gymnastics. So at first I thought she was just curious about volleyball. Obviously, she's more into it than I thought.

Then at around 3pm, her coach was the one who sent me a text saying that they had won the championship and they were on their way back to school.

This time Anissa didn't want her picture taken anymore when she got home hehehe. Na-conscious kasi she looks and smells like "garbage" daw.

She's now busy reviewing for her Math and Science long tests, which she was excused from taking today due to the games. I'm hoping she starts taking her academics as seriously.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Food Review : Sebastian's Ice Cream

Ice Cream has never tasted this good! This is definitely my new favorite! Anissa and I got a scoop each on waffle cones at their Podium branch. We each chose their best sellers : Butter Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. BOTH WERE TO DIE FOR! Their scoops are very generous so it doesn't hurt to pay P85 for one. Sebastian's is ice cream heaven!

What A Day!

Finally after an uber stressful day, I'm now in a more relaxed mood, enjoying a hot cup of brewed (this time beans from Figaro --- their house blend, which is my favorite) and trying to forget all of the day's unfortunate happenings involving Anissa's school.

She finally got to come home at around 6pm with good news. Their school won 2 volleyball games! I didn't get to take a picture of her in her uniform this morning so this photo was taken earlier before she devoured her dinner

I'm surprised she agreed to be photographed looking so exhausted
from a long day of competing.
(Tomorrow I shall deal with your moderator and give her a piece of my mind)


Did the rest of you UAAP fans read the Phil Daily Inquirer today?

Tickets to the Lasalle-Ateneo game on Sunday SOLD OUT in 3 hours.

The Ticketnet booths at the Araneta Coliseum opened at 9am yesterday and had to close by 12:30pm. They said some people camped overnight just to make sure they get to the ticket window ahead of everyone else.



Will I be watching the game LIVE on Sunday???

The Continuing Saga (of my undying love for Anissa's school)

Let's rewind a bit to last week...

Anissa informed us that she'll be competing in her first ever volleyball tournament next week. We were truly excited for her because we know how important this is, being a member of the school's varsity team. I asked for details naturally, but she said they weren't available yet. Fine. Over the weekend, she asked for P1,000 to pay for her uniforms on Monday. Where's the circular? None. The school was asking for money (again) without the benefit of a written notice to the parents. STRIKE ONE. But we had to give it to her anyway because she said they were to measure everyone on Monday and pay thereafter. Monday afternoon when she got home from school, she showed me a Waiver for the tournament. NOT A CIRCULAR, mind you. Just a waiver which I had to sign to allow her to go with the rest of the team to the Pasig Community School for one whole day TODAY for the tournament. Again I want to stress...NO CIRCULAR, just a waiver. The exact location of the venue wasn't even mentioned anywhere on that pathetic slip of paper which was so unprofessionally printed out. Sayang, I should have taken a picture of it to prove to everyone how tastelessly and hastily it was done.

Is a ONE-DAY advanced notice acceptable? They don't have school today due to a benchmarking activity of the teachers, maybe that's why the tournament was scheduled today. But why a ONE-DAY notice??? They're being very very consistent here! Lagi nalang last minute ng last minute and they expect the parents to adjust their schedules just like that to accomodate. Good thing I'm off from work.

So at 6am we were on our way to school and I told Anissa I would have to talk to either her moderator or coach to get more details on the activity. I wasn't about to let go of my child for one whole day without even knowing where she's going and what's going to happen while she's away! WOULD YOU??? The coach was very nice. I told her about my concerns and guess what??? She confided that they too were informed of everything just yesterday. When I asked her where this other school was, she also didn't have an answer for me. They were just told to accompany the team and stay there the whole day to compete. HOW ORGANIZED! But I had found an ally in Coach Sha, because she proceeded to tell me how disappointed she and the other coaches are about the school's inability to prepare them for things like this. I asked her to please contact the moderator on her cellphone to find out where the venue is and she did. The moderator was on her way out of the school to the benchmarking activity along with all the other grade school teachers. She gave the coach directions which the coach couldn't even relay properly to me because the moderator did it in a rush. And parang she just told the coach, sige bahala na kayo sa mga bata.

MY POINT? I've entusted my child in this school's care every single day, schoolyear after schoolyear. The least they can do is take their responsibilities seriously. Mas importante pa sa kanila magpa sign ng waiver to make sure they're not blamed for anything that may happen during an out-of-school activity but they never do their part to give us parents the peace of mind we deserve. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Magiging permanent fixture na yata ako sa Principal's Office. I won't be surprised if they post my picture in the lobby for the security people to see, para next time hindi na ako papasukin. But as a parent, I feel it's my right to put them in their place. I pay them to educate my child and to take care of her. The school is supposed to be a child's second home, the teachers their parents. But this school has just disappointed me over and over again. I should have volunteered to be one of the parent reps of Anissa's class.

Oh! And before I forget...the coach told me, "Pag hindi po natapos lahat ng games today, ico-continue daw po tomorrow." So I reacted..."But all the Grade 6 students are taking their Math and Science long tests tomorrow!" Guess what she said? "PO??? Hindi naman po namin alam yon." So she called the moderator again on her cell and I was totally stunned by the reply. "Kung itutuloy daw po yung games tomorrow, paglalaruin pa rin daw po lahat ng Grade 6 varsity. Mag special exams nalang daw po sila for Math and Science to be scheduled at a later time." I constantly try to teach Anissa the importance of academics over extra-curricular activities and it's the school itself who has twisted values.

My patience tank is running very very low.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Official FMCC Leukemia Awareness Shirts now available!

Reposting this from Pia M.'s site...

Update: FM has been home from hospital since Wednesday night, September 10.

Get the new FMCC tee with orange ribbon design, as it is the color assigned to support your loved one battling, surviving and winning the battle against Leukemia.

Ideal for Leukemia Awareness Month this September!

Available for Php550 each at:
3Stars & A Sun store- Great Mall of China located at corner Macapagal Blvd and Bradco Avenue, Parañaque, near Mall of Asia;
Lokalidad- 4th floor Festival Mall, Alabang
Xprint stores- Vmall,Trinoma and Market Market!

Thank you, everyone, for all your love, prayers and support.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

After an Awesome Game...It's Off to the Finals!

After a long and hard journey, the Green Archers are on their way to defending the championship title in the UAAP. The 2nd game vs. FEU this afternoon was heart-stopping! My throat is still a bit sore from all the shouting but it was oh so worth it! After that game, it was UE's turn to play against Ateneo and I secretly, desperately hoped UE would win. Strange? Sure I would love for Lasalle to play against Ateneo. Could there be anything more exciting? But I was worried about ticket availability hahaha! Guess what...the heavens chose not to grant my prayer this time because the archrivals are playing against each other in the finals starting on Sunday. AARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I am 50% happy and 50% pissed off because I'm so sure those tickets are going to be so hard to find!


-I'm so glad JVee Casio played a lot better today. He is still my favorite Archer.

-Funny how the other side of the coliseum was filled with people in blue way before the first game started. All the FEU fans were in the Gen Admission section.

-Due to all that stress, I ended up pigging out at dinnertime and had 2 rounds of dessert! That's after I had 2 slices of Pizza Hut pan pizza and a large glass of iced tea during the game.

-The referee who wore number 12 on his jersey today is definitely on my hitlist and NOT included in Santa's gift list this year. I am so sure you already got your Christmas gift, hence your "performance" at the game today. From whom? Let's see if anyone can figure this one out.

-Some guy with an outdated hairstyle (err...let's just say I prefer Mayor Sanchez's hair over yours, dude!) is also definitely crossed out of Santa's list. Don't expect any presents this Christmas, Mr. Hairstyle of the Decade (come to think of it...maybe it's been two decades)!!!

-And JAMES MANGAHAS --- today's revelation, I just want to played one hell of a game! Keep it up!

And so we rest for a few days until Sunday when the REAL games begin.



Friday, September 12, 2008

Good Question, Mr. Trinidad

Here's an excerpt from Recah Trinidad's column on the Phil. Daily Inquirer last Saturday:

MANILA, Philippines—Plain fans can’t be blamed for suspecting that it’s no longer a plain basketball match the UAAP will be hosting at the Araneta Coliseum Saturday.

Listen to this first, please:

“You’ve plans of watching the Ateneo-La Salle basketball game live?” asks one exasperated basketball fan.


Quit it.


There are no more tickets.

Read Recah Trinidad's full article HERE.

It's true! DH and I were told last week that there were absolutely, totally, undoubtedly no more tickets available for the DLSU-ADMU game Saturday. It was the first time ever since I started watching the UAAP games that I had to sit and make "mukmok" and watch at home. Sure we've experienced difficulty getting tickets in the past. But we were never told NO MORE TICKETS. Makes you really really wonder where all those tickets are going. I was so close to buying from a scalper (that would've been around 3K for a lower box ticket which regularly costs 250) but I'm glad I didn't because I would've made some dirtbag rich(er)!

Oh and just to show you how elusive those tickets are? A friend of mine, another UAAP fan (who unfortunately is on the opposite side of the fence hahaha) who was lucky enough to grab some Upper A tickets saw Dato and Kakai Arroyo also in the same section. Uhhh...that's the President's son and daughter-in-law and they were in upper a??? Tsk tsk tsk...

I hope more of these dirtbags are caught. Heard one of them is from the UP Admin office. UP!!! The host university for this season! HOW COULD YOU??? Nakakahiya!


The DLSU Green Archers literally worked their butts off to win yesterday's game vs. the FEU Tamaraws. After leaving the "enemy" behind by 15 points, the other team caught up leaving just a 6-point gap and all of us on the edge of our seats. The hard work paid off in the end with a 3-point win --- whew!!! JUST ONE MORE WIN on Sunday and we're off to the finals!

Pray pray pray!!!

Games on Sunday :
DLSU vs FEU 2pm
UE vs ADMU 4pm

Who's watching?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

GREY'S ANATOMY Season 5 Promo (Teaser!)

I'm totally intrigued!!! Take a very very close look at the guy whom the Chief said they had to save. Wasn't that McDreamy???? NO NO NO NO!!!

September 25 is light years away...SIGH.

Gossip Girl Scene of the Century

MAJOR SPOILER!!! This was my favorite scene from Episode 1 of Season 2. What a comeback! I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL! XoXo!

Gossip Girl is BACK!


I got to watch Episode 1 the other night with DH (yes, he watches this with me hahaha). But for the benefit of those who have yet to see the comeback, I'll keep my mouth shut.

I would have to say though that I TRULY LOVED this scene

Talk about edge-of-your-seat excitement!!!

XoXo! Hee hee!

I Missed a Great Concert =(

DH watched the George Benson-Al Jarreau concert last night at Araneta with my SIL and BIL. I, on the otherhand, chose to stay home because I'm still Yaya-less (on vacation for 2 wks) and didn't want to leave Sabine behind at night. I grew up listening to their songs! Sayang talaga...

Did any of you watch?

Monday, September 8, 2008

And They Came Falling Down

I feel sorry for Suyene Chi and Bea Alonzo. But I feel worse for the people who did the stage. They're never going to get a job like this again. I know what it feels like to fall flat on your butt (or chest or face) --- believe me I do! It's not the nicest feeling in the world. The physical wounds (if any) will heal but your pride? THAT might take a while to get better.

To Those Who Were Asking About Tickets to the Game on Thursday

I received a few messages asking if I know when people can start buying their tickets to the Lasalle-FEU game this Thursday at Araneta.

Tickets will be released starting TOMORROW, 9AM. That's Tuesday, September 9.

Go to the Yellow Gate at the Araneta Coliseum to get them.

It's going to be another exciting game! Hope to see friends there!

Somethin' New from Somethin' Fishy

Shameless plug up ahead!!!

With the resounding success of our Eat All You Can Breakfast Buffet (available from 12 midnight to 10am daily), we are now ready to offer the very same for lunch! And if you've seen the generous spread we have everyday for breakfast, then you know what awaits you.


Eat All You Can Lunch Buffet for just P175 nett per head (this is the No Leftover price).
Can anyone beat that???

Somethin' Fishy is waiting
Visit us at Eastwood Citiwalk, Libis Quezon City

Sweet Gift from the Grandparents

Funny it's Grandparents' Day but instead of receiving gifts from the girls, it was my parents who presented Anissa with a surprise (I blame myself for not even knowing what today was). They know that Anissa will be going on her annual retreat tomorrow and pleasantly surprised her with a gift...

It was a Cross ballpen!
Wow...I don't remember being able to use a Cross until I was in college
My kids are spoiled to death c/o my DF and DM, that's why they are loved right back

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Grandparents' Day!

I have to admit, I didn't even know it was Grandparents' Day today until DH asked me. So I didn't even get to ask the girls to prepare anything for my parents (whatta loser). I just thought, well, Sundays are already special to begin with because this is their time with the grandchildren --- of which they only have 2 and they're both my daughters hehehe!

We chose to dine in Italianni's (Eastwood branch tonight). I've been wanting to try out their buffet eversince I heard about it. At P395 per head, it sounded so reasonable I wanted to check if the spread was okay.

There were stations for Salads, Soups (2 kinds : Minestrone and Cream of Asparagus), Pizza (Pepperoni and Vegetarian), Pasta (Pesto, Alfredo, Marinara Sauces), Main Course (Honey Dijon Chicken, Fish Parmigiana, Pork Something haha!) and Dessert of course. I just didn't get to take photos of the main courses because the chafing dishes were half full. All in all I would rate the buffet 4 out of 5 but largely due to its affordability and variety. They should improve the quality as some needed a bit of salt to satisfy my taste buds. Otherwise, they were a bit bland for my taste. Except the pizza!

Would I recommend the buffet? Yes, I would. At P395 and this many choices? I can't complain.

So Disappointed...

First, that we couldn't get tickets to yesterday's Lasalle-Ateneo game at the Araneta. That was the first time we were told, "sorry no tickets at all to reserve". Mind you, we don't ASK for tickets. We just ask them to put us on the reservation list and we pay for our tickets all the time. But yesterday was an exception. We waited and waited until the last minute to be told. Finally at around 3pm when we hadn't heard from our contact, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to have to watch the game from the comforts of our home. I was crushed, to say the least. We were not the only ones who encountered so much difficulty with tickets yesterday. I wonder what happened? The Araneta Ticketnet office has lots of explaining to do hehehe.

But I think I felt crushed much too soon. I don't know if I was better off not watching the game at all. It was one disappointment after another. I feel bad for JVee Casio who probably had his worst day in UAAP history yesterday (and playing against an arch rival at that!). I don't know what to say.

FEU is waiting for us. Let's see what will happen. The boys need to shape up or else...

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After months of preparation, my blog's new look is finally here!
Nope, I didn't do this myself. I'm absolutely clueless and lazy when it comes to these things.

Enter...PAPERBACK DESIGNS! I'm so glad I discovered them through Didi, who also commissioned Vanessa to do her blog layout. I wanted something unique and personalized and Vanessa definitely came through for me. From the colors to the photos to the fonts...she executed each requested detail wonderfully!

Tell me what you think, okay? =)

VANESSA...thanks again for all the work!

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rosaries for BABY HANNAH

Hannah is a super duper pretty baby girl who recently turned 1 yr old. The first birthday is always a big deal for us parents. But for Hannah's, it's more than that. It's a MIRACLE and proof of God's love and presence in their lives.

Hannah has Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome or CCHS. This means she hardly breathes when awake and doesn't breathe at all when she sleeps. Such a huge challenge for her and most of all for her parents! She wears a tracheotomy tube on her throat to help her breathe via a mechanical ventilator. To date, they still don't own a mechanical ventilator and have been renting one for Hannah. The machine doesn't allow her to step outside of their home because it's not portable.

LET'S HELP HANNAH experience the world around her. This child deserves to see the many beautiful things the world has to offer, despite her illness. Her parents are trying to raise money for a portable mechanical ventilator by selling rosary bracelets.

I know I'm going to definitely order these to give away this Christmas. Why can't everyone do the same? Just think what a portable ventilator can do to change this super baby's life!

Tell can you NOT find it in your heart to help this
beautiful little girl??? Hannah knocked on my mamon heart and I'm sure she will unknowingly do the same with yours. (I hope Hannah's parents won't mind that I grabbed this photo to share with the rest of you)

Click on Rosaries for Hannah to order and get updates on her health

Bagoong Club for dessert hahaha...yes!

It may sound weird that we chose this place to have dessert at the other night. But thanks to Pao's recommendation, we discovered some excitingly delicious, "out of the box" stuff PLUS got to go through their menu and promised ourselves we'd go back for dinner sometime

Brazo de Remedios, P130

(whatever happened to older sister, Mercedes? hehehe)

Leche Flan, P160

Pastillas de Leche Cheesecake, P150

Calamansi Torte, P130

My favorite among all!

The last two are definitely the ones you must have when you visit
Bagoong Club
Click on the link above to direct yourself to their Multiply site
We're definitely going back!