Thursday, January 29, 2009

Beauty Loot

First, thanks to the numerous positive reviews on
GirlTalk, I placed an order for these at Vanilla and Company. From left to right : Pearl Dry Oil Mist, Deliciously Moisturizing Body Wash (in Olives and Vanilla), Hair and Body Mist and 60-second Tress De-Stressor. I made my choices based on what I need and what people have been raving about. The prices are very reasonable. My total bill for this loot (including shipping to my place) was P734. I'm going to try all of them tomorrow and write a review on each.

This afternoon, after work I decided to make a quickie detour to Rustan's Supermarket in Power Plant and ended up with this

I'm a real sucker for any beauty product that has the word STRAIGHT printed on it. So the Sunsilk Straight and Sway line is something I've been dying to try out. That's how much I hate my naturally wavy hair! I don't know if these really work but I'm more than willing to see if they do their job. Besides, they won't hurt your wallet too much. There's actually a 4th product in this line and it's some type of wax but Anissa already has that so I can share it with her.

Crossing my fingers!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Homeless For A Day

We evicted ourselves from the house today because we scheduled a fumigation, which we get done once a year. Anissa was in school so I didn't have to worry about her. First, we went to QC because Neal had a client presentation. Since Sabine and I couldn't go with him there, he decided to drop us off at SIL's house and we stayed there for about 2 hours. This was where I got to watch an episode of Debra Messing's The Starter Wife...

The story centers around Molly Kagan (Messing), the ex-wife of a Hollywood entertainment mogul who transitions into a fabulous independent life after her divorce. The episode that I saw this afternoon was a first of 2 parts so I got extremely intrigued! I've now added this to my growing list of downloadables.

At around 4:30, Neal picked us up from SIL's house so we could get Anissa just as she arrived home from school. Neal had a meeting all the way in Makati at 5pm so the girls and I waited in the car for him to finish. Anissa fell asleep while Sabine munched on brownies while we waited. He was rather quick so in no time we were on our way to Power Plant for dinner. I didn't want to risk asking the helpers to cook dinner for us given the all-day fumigation so we thought it best to eat out.

(image borrowed from

Anissa chose Pepper Lunch because she wanted...guess what...SALMON AGAIN! She had the Salmon Pepper Rice while Neal had the Pork and Burger Combo. I, on the other hand, decided to play it safe with the Beef Pepper Rice. Sabine ate from everyone's plates. Post dinner, it was playtime for the kids in Power Station. No trip to the mall can ever be complete without us splurging money at this place. It was at this time when Neal got news that a friend of his was buying my HTC TYTN II PDA Phone yayyyyyy! I've only had it for a few months and it was supposed to replace my Nokia N82. But I haven't been able to let go of the latter phone because of the 5mp camera and the seamless video recording. The HTC is a really good phone but it's much too complicated and bulky for me, that's why I decided to let it go. Which brings me to our final stop at the mall...

I've been so out of it as far as cellphones are concerned. It's been years since I left the telecommunications industry. Unlike before when I would know the newest model even before it was to be released, now I'm totally ignorant! So after touching and feeling all the dummy phones on display and going through all of their features...I decided that I wanted this!

The Nokia E71. It was released in June last year, so it's not exactly a new model. The newer one is the Nokia E63, which is actually a few thousands cheaper. But the reviews are much better on the E71 and it's more aesthetically-appealing compared to the E63. I tried using it earlier (one of the Nokia guys at the store allowed me to try out his personal unit) and it felt good in my hands. I'm hoping I can get this by tomorrow!

Monday, January 26, 2009


I had so much fun browsing through, a local website that makes and sells statement tees that showcase the kind of humor that Pinoys are so known for (and which I really really love). I was laughing outloud while looking at some of them. Here are my personal favorites :

I just love the people behind these shirts!
Haven't tried ordering from them but I'm sure I will soon!
Prices are very reasonable as well...

Saturday, January 24, 2009

What's In A Hairbrush?

I never even bothered to find out before. When my hair was really really short, I decided I didn't need a brush at all. Seriously, my fingers were enough. No styling products or other tools either. My routine was simple and quick --- wash, comb with fingers, dry (by itself). The only thing I had to keep doing was to color my hair. Other than that, it was so low maintenance.

Now that I'm growing it out, I finally relented to the idea of owning a hairbrush again. Don't get me wrong...I have like 3 of them (paddle, Denman classic and a free flow also from Denman). But they're OLD. It's time to get some new ones.

I was in Megamall a few nights ago and while walking around, I saw the Goody section and I was amused by all these brushes they had come up with. Features like Dandruff Control and Color Protect? I felt like I was in the market for shampoo! Here are some interesting ones...

Ionic Hot Round Brush - the Ion infusion in the brush is supposed to add shine to your hair. The Ceramic feature allegedly lessens blowdrying time.

Ceramic Ionic Straightening Brush
- I didn't see this in Megamall but I chanced upon it online. It supposedly works, the reviews on it are good so far.

From their
Styling Therapy Line - Protect+Color Cushion Brush - this one is for medium brown to red hair. They also have it for blondes, etc. Are they serious??? Can a brush preserve hair color? I'm not too sure...

Also from the
Styling Therapy Line - Reduce+Dandruff Styling Brush - it has the healing properties of Copper that discreetly (I would hope!) kills 88% of fungus associated with dandruff. Another one I'm not too sure about...

Am I supposed to get sucked into buying one of these? If I do, I'll probably get the Ceramic-Ionic Brushes. I don't need the dandruff brush (thank God) and the color protect kind has to be a marketing ploy. Now don't let me get started on Denman brushes...I'm looking at their website now and they have tons too!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Want!

LORAC TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

What it is : A bronzing powder for the face and body.

TANtalize and mesmerize with LORAC's TANtalizer Baked Bronzer. Swirling sunkissed shades deliver red carpet radiance in an instant. Baked on terra cotta, this silky smooth, luminous bronzing powder keeps you looking bronze and beautiful long after the sun has set and the cameras have gone. $28 @ Sephora.

Look how great Jen looks wearing it! I WANT IT!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guitar What???

Anissa asked for this last Christmas. I never really paid any attention to it because I have not once played anything on any of these consoles. We have a PS2 at home (I put my foot down when Neal wanted to upgrade to a PS3) but I haven't touched it --- not once. But this was worth trying. Anything that involves dancing, singing or music in general, I'll definitely try.

And guess who's hooked? HAHAHA!

Thanks to Anissa who very kindly offered to teach me (with lots of gloating on the side, of course), I'll probably be an expert in no time!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Baaack!

I've been so lazy to update this space for a while now. It's good to be back!

Sunday Family Style : Korean Night

DF wanted to try this new place out. It's along E. Rodriguez Avenue in Libis (Southbound lane), right next to The Old Spaghetti House and Grilla.

When we arrived, we were the only customers around. But by the time we left, there were people waiting to get their tables. So I guess we made the right choice! Food was really authentic and reasonably-priced. The staff was very courteous and helpful. We noticed that their menu was in Korean so we suggested for them to come up with English translations to make it easier for patrons to order. The owner, a friendly woman in her early 30's checked on us to see if everything was fine. Lots of reasons to go back!

There were 2 sets of appetizers

Strange-looking exhaust system..but it worked!

Spicy Greens...we didn't order this. But they really serve it so you can include it in the lettuce wraps for the meats. I ate it alone though and it was good.

Lettuce leaves and whole garlic!

Pork fave!

Bibimbap in stone pot


Anissa's Salmon Sashimi

Spicy Seafood Soup (big serving, good for 4-5 people)

Grilled Mackerel

Korean Pancake, part of the appetizer set

Average check is about P600
Not bad considering we were all so full!

New From Havaianas

Got an email update from Havaianas Philippines on new styles out!
Which one(s) do you like?

From top to bottom : Ladies, Mens and Kids new models (notice that the caption on the Kids' models is wrong)

I passed by All Flip Flops in Megamall (the Atrium) last night before dinner and I told Anissa I would buy us (yes, she and I because we now share the same shoe size remember?) two pairs of the FIT. I like the strappy thong look. Will be getting it in yellow and blue/green. I asked Sabine if she wanted a new pair as well and she replied, "No, Crocs only!" Aba!!!

Summer's definitely just around the corner!

He's Out To Change The World

Just as the rest of the world probably did, I fought hard to stay up last night to witness the first American black President take his oath in front of over 1M spectators at the National Mall in Washington. It was a great day for American history! In any kind of competition, I always find myself going for the proverbial underdog. I see Barack Obama as such because of the color of his skin and with the way black people have been treated over the years, he brings to them a renewed hope. It's the kind of hope we all want to desperately hang on to, after all the misfortunes that the Bush administration brought forth.

Why am I so interested in what he has to offer? Simple. What's good for America may be good for the rest of the world. I guess everyone knows this by now. The benchmark country, once it finds itself back on its feet, will dictate the pace for all others. We're all tired of waiting for change to come. This, exactly, is his mantra.

There's something about him, the way he acts and talks that tells me this man isn't full of bullshit. He's pragmatic but very confident. By acknowledging all the challenges that await him, he tells everyone he's real just like the rest of us. But the power in his voice, the confidence in his demeanor gives me goosebumps all the time. I have a very good feeling about him.

An analysis on his inaugural speech says..."Obama's challenges are clear, remedies not". Cut the guy some slack. You don't offer solutions on your first day in office, do you? thing's for sure : all eyes will be on him to see whether he really can deliver. If he is made of the stuff that I think he is, then he will.

On a lighter note, I was eager to see what Michelle O. would be wearing. The sheath dress by Isabel Toledo didn't disappoint. Her daughters wore J.Crew coats, cute!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

It's A Disease, So Shoe Us!

Today was general cleaning day. The house is still pretty much in disarray as I type, but all the trash has been thrown out and we just need to put everything else back in their proper places. When it was my turn to clean out my shoe closet, everyone stepped back. I told them I was the only one who could decide which ones I'm keeping and which ones need to go. Even in the case of Sabine and Anissa. Neal has very few pairs (typical of most men) so I didn't even bother to stick my nose in there hehehe.

I counted 37 pairs that I decided to dispose of! That doesn't even include the ones from the girls' closet hahaha! Neal probably thinks I'm this sick-o who can't seem to live with the thought of having just a few useful pairs around. He's absolutely right!

Oh My Good God!
Most of these haven't even been worn thrice
Some of them still have their tags on
And you can't see the other mound of shoes sitting behind the door where Sabine is standing
(Sabine was nakikigulo the whole time)

My side of the world

I took this picture to see just how much more space I had left for the others
Plus to check if I arranged them well

The future greets Sabine!

Kulang pa rin! HAHAHA!

Do I need a bigger cabinet or do I need a bigger cabinet?
This space doesn't even include the pairs that need to be in their boxes and my humble Havaianas collection.

I totally forgot take photos of Anissa's and Neal's portions

My little girl did not want to be left behind in the race!

See that evil grin?

She was still fixing some of the pairs to put on the bottom rack

She didn't want to wait til all the pairs were in place

Picture na picture na HAHAHA!
As the oldies would say...
manang-mana sa pinagmanahan!

Hello Summer?

Just when I was getting the hang of playing patintero with the shower (even when the heater is on and in maximum level), I woke up yesterday morning and noticed that I didn't need my hoodie when I stepped out to the patio, where I always have my first cup of coffee. It was the same story today. In fact, while hearing mass this afternoon I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand because I felt the onset of sweat! I haven't been sweaty in weeks! Sabine, who decided she had had enough of sitting down and wanted to run around after the homily was sweating profusely by the time the priest gave his final blessing.

Oh no! Are we about to say hello to summer? I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the heat. The thought of having to deal with extreme heat really scares me, even if I've always loved tropical weather. The forecast says it will be hotter in the coming days with temperatures ranging from 29 to 31 degrees. I haven't even worn all my sweaters yet and the cold spell is gone???

Some good things never last...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

How To Have An Abundant 2009 (from Bo Sanchez)

Quoted from Bo Sanchez's site, this might just give you that much-needed jumpstart to another hectic work week...

Last Friday, my 3-year old Francis walked up to me with his big smile and said, "I want to go to Southmall!" For those who aren't familiar with the South of Metro Manila, the Southmall in Las Pinas contains a rollercoaster. And my little boy loves, adores, worships rollercoasters.

Here was the problem. It was 10 o'clock in the evening. So I told him casually, "Son, we can't go to Southmall now. It's closed. "

That's when his big smile turned to big tears and said again, "I want to go to Southmall now!"

My wife told him, "Francis, I really want to bring you to Southmall but we'll do it on Monday. Because Monday is the first day of school. So you'll have the rollercoaster all to yourself. No long lines!"

But Francis wasn't listening. He says again, "I want to go to Southmall now!"

Friends, Francis can act like that because he's three years old.

But many times, we still act ilke this with God.

We want a specific prayer answered now. But God knows things we dont' know. And He delays the answer to our prayer because He wants the answer to be bigger and better. That's why His timetable is different from ours.

This morning as promised, my wife and I brought Francis to Southmall.

True enough it was almost empty.

And little Francis was a happy boy: He rode the rollercoaster 18 times.


Tomorrow is my first day back at work after a month and a half's vacation
What I'm about to venture into is nothing new to me
No new faces or new responsibilities...everything is supposed to be just as it was last year, before I took that long break
But I know there are uncertainties and little surprises that may come along the way

Have an awesome week ahead, everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bye Bye Lazy Days

After being on vacation for over a month (the longest I've ever taken in my 16 plus years of working), I'm going back to work on Monday. Yup, it's time to go back to the salt mines. All good things must come to an end. Cliche but true. I'm going to miss being at home a lot. Thank goodness I won't have a big problem with Sabine, who's really very independent and doesn't cling too much. Anissa is pretty much on her own and doesn't even notice when I'm gone because she's got too much going on in school and would rather be doing her own thing when she's at home. Another thing I'm thankful for is the 3-day work week which still applies because they really just renewed my contract as consultant. Will be doing the same things as before, only it should be a little less stressful this time, after having achieved a major task last year. This arrangement is still what works best for me at the moment. After having stayed home for 2 straight years, I'm not sure I can handle full-time work. I am just so lucky to have found the right balance between work and home life. I haven't looked at my work clothes since the first week of December so I'm sure that's what will keep me busy tomorrow. A mini-fashion show at home is up next!
One beauty product I absolutely cannot be without. My lips have always had a tendency to be dry and chappy. So think of a lipbalm brand and I've tried it. My staples though are Carmex (always on the top of my list and inside my kit), Blistex Liptone (naturally tinted but not glossy) and Rosebud Salve (it just really makes me lazy sometimes to use it because it comes in a tin can and I need my pinky to apply).

But very recently, I discovered another one to add to my list of faves --- the CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in No. 1136. Here's my review for all you lipbalm freaks out there :

#1, this does not look and feel like your regular lipbalm at all. I was hesitant to use it at first because the main problem I encounter with lipglosses is this : shiny means sticky. And it's true for most brands. There are certain brands I bought and tried and ended up ditching after a couple of uses because my lips felt like they were glued together. That's not the kind of thing you want to be feeling the entire day. But this one didn't do that to my lips at all.

#2, the tint is perfect on me! I'm really very particular about the shades I put on my lips. My bff always tells me I should be more adventurous and try pinks or reds but it's the more natural ones that really get me excited. Tint 1136 has just the right amount of pink in it, just a tiny tiny touch, so it doesn't really look so pink on me.

#3, it's minty and it tingles. I'm not too fond of lip plumpers because of the supposed tingling sensation they give. But this one is not over the top. It's not a plumper, mind you, so don't get that wrong impression. But the combination of mint and tingle on the lips is enough to keep you interested.

#4, YOU CAN LICK IT. Unlike other brands that taste like wax or medicine, this one tastes like candy cane! That's why the manufacturers say it also works as a breath freshener, because the flavor gets transferred into your mouth whenever you lick your lips (and I have a pretty bad habit of doing that all the time)

THE VERDICT? This is my new secret weapon!
I haven't put it through the ultimate road test yet. Like I said, I have a habit of licking my lips so by the time I was about to eat my burger late yesterday afternoon, the balm had almost disappeared. The current weather is making my lips 2x more chappy and dry and this one happily does the trick. If I find myself needing more, maybe I'll layer it with Carmex. Next time, I'll try wearing it on top of lipstick to see if it works just as well.

Finally, here are some photos I took of myself wearing it

Indoor shot

In natural sunlight...I was standing by the front door hehehe

And now outdoors

I am definitely hoarding!!!

Just a note so I won't forget:
FACE - Lumiere Medium Beige Foundation, Milan Minerals Perfect Presentation Powder to set
CHEEKS - Lumiere Ditto "O" blush (a perfect Nars Orgasm dupe!)
BROWS - In2It Brow Powder (my holy grail...)
EYES - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in black on upper lashline and waterline

Friday, January 16, 2009

This Week's Nails

I know it sounds terribly shallow. But other than the pampering, I also look forward to choosing my nail polish shade everytime I go to Nail Loft. When Neal and I went for our 3pm appointment today, I was shown some fresh new colors! I've always leaned towards reds and burgundies and sheer pinks or beiges when I want a super clean look. But this time, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous...

This is OPI's "Suzi Says Da!" from the Russian Collection
It's a rich brown shade that's very similar to dark chocolate
I picked it off the shelf albeit rather hesitantly because it was my first time ever to try this color

Quite obvious that things worked out in the end

Eyelavetttttttttt!!! Does it match my hair color? Hahaha!

And since we're on the are a few more OPI shades that are making me drool

Boris and Natasha...a sophisticated shade of raisin

(Nail Loft has this so I might go for this shade on my next visit)

Royal Rajah Ruby...jewel burgundy

(From the India Collection)

Lincoln Park After Dark...where midnight meets purple

Spoken like a true nail polish addict *wink*

Food Review : Brother's Burgers Bistro Burger

Designer burgers??? What will they think of next!

Neal and I grabbed a late merienda after spending the afternoon being pampered at Nail Loft and we ended up at their Meralco Avenue branch. I spotted this and knew I had to have it!

I'm not really a burger fan. In fact, I always order the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich everytime we're here. But this was really worth trying. It looked just as good "in the flesh" as it did in the picture. It's got a half pound beef pattie, sauteed champignons, dijon mustard and brie. Priced at P265, it might be a bit too much to spend on a snack for some but it really was