Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rainy day bullets

  • I'm loving the cold weather today. I'm at home, the airconditioning has been turned off, I don't need an electric fan but I'm wearing a sweater hee hee.
  • Anissa's attending a Christian Leadership Training in school starting at 5pm today and she has to stay overnight at the school's Retreat House. She forgot her cellphone at home so I need to go to school later to give it to her. Stage Mom at work.
  • I'm looking at my nails and they're screaming for mercy, after just a week since my last visit to Nail Loft. Might as well go today, either before or after I give Anissa her cellphone.
  • It's DH's 41st birthday on Sunday but I still don't have a gift for him. Panic mode! I'm glad he understands that I have a meager (errr...pathetic) housewife's budget and can't afford an extravagant gift. But I still don't know what to get for him. Always a problem for me each time.
  • Sabine sat beside me while I had my Macbook on my lap and I showed her photos of Dora the Explorer. She squealed "Owa!!!" Yaaayyy!
  • I need to seriously start working on getting Sabine a passport but DH can't seem to find her birth certificate. Does this mean I need to deal with the NSO? Dammit...
  • Been busy looking for stuff online that DH can buy while on his business trip to HK next week. He's asked me to list down things we NEED. I wonder if he knows that I can't tell the difference between NEED and WANT. Hahaha!
  • I've been thinking of the new Crocs Sueded Alice. It looks so nice in the website. But I need to try them on first to see which size is okay. I definitely want a pair each for the girls, too. They're so girly-girl. I hear they're cheaper by around PHP500 in HK so this definitely goes on the list.
  • I seriously need a new wallet. My well-loved Gucci has seen better days and needs to be retired.
  • Been watching Dirty Sexy Money non-stop since 2 days ago when we first downloaded Season 1. Loving it!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

This was so worth the wait!

It's been about 2 weeks since I first "met" and tried those super delicious cupcakes from The Sweet Life by Ange. That's a long time to wait for a 2nd serving and I remember complaining every now and then about not being able to have any. Thanks to Neal for asking me to go on a last-minute errand, I found a way out of the house and an excuse to go to Power Plant I had to go to the Globe Business Center there to pay for his bill anyway so I took advantage and dropped by the basement and there it was!!!

Their frozen brazo de mercedes --- Sweet Surrender
I had very selfish reasons for buying the 4x8 (costs PHP300) size of this. I told everyone else at home that this was for them because I secretly hoped they would not touch my cupcakes with a 10-foot pole haha!

I almost finished off their free samples!

The 3 flavors above are what I got (2 of each) to take home with me

I can tell it's going to be one hell of a great weekend!!!
I hope you enjoy yours, too

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm not alone haha!

I was talking to my bestfriend, AM today. We were finalizing plans for our barkada Christmas party on Dec. 8. I suggested that we start at 3pm, earlier than usual, so that the kids can be in the proper mood for the games that we prepare for them each year. Here's how this funny conversation went:

Me: But if we start at 3pm, will the food be enough? Baka by 6pm ubos na ang pagkain kaka-dukot natin?

AM: So what? Eh di after that gift distribution na for the kids, then kris kringle ng adults, konting inuman tapos uwi na.

Me: Sobra ka naman eh di mga before 9pm tapos na tayo?

AM: Eh di mabuti maaga matapos para wala ng problema!

Me: Hmmm...are you the Grinch who stole Christmas this year? Hahaha! L*che, may kasungitan ka eh no? Slight lang!

AM: HAHAHA! Eh p*unyemas wala pa nga ako na shopping kahit isa. This afternoon I'll meet up with D (another friend of ours) and we'll try to see what we can get from Alabang Town Center. Tamad na tamad ako argh...pwede bang halikan ko nalang lahat at yon nalang regalo ko???

Me: Oo nga tama Grinch ka nga in female form. Ano'ng problema mo aber??? Pwede ba, si D ang papiliin mo ng mga regalo mo ha. Baka kung anong kapangitan ang mabili mo dahil ang pangit din ng mood mo! At pwede ba wag ka masyado maglalapit sa mga bata. Wala kang holiday spirit! Para kang bote ng Coke na naiwanan bukas!

AM: (Laughing her head off) Sorry, talagang wala lang ako sa mood. Gusto ko pag gising ko bukas tapos na ang pasko!

Me: Teka teka...magkakaroon ka na ba? Ano'ng date ba ngayon?

AM: Ay oo anytime I'm expecting my period? Sh*t, paano mo alam? Psychic ka na???

Me: Ang t*anga mo din eh no...di ko kailangan maging psychic. Siguro naman 2 decades na tayo magkaibigan, alam ko na dapat kung kelan abnormal ang ugali mo. So anyhoo...sige lumayas ka na nga. Ayaw na kita kausap baka mahawa pa ako sa pagiging maldita mo!!! Gandahan mo regalo ko ha? Baboosh!

It's sooooooo funny because I remember going through this major mood swing (actually, several of them) weeks before my birthday and even on my birthday itself. I kept thinking to myself...this is age-related, this is hormonal! It's so nice to know there's someone out there who's going through the same thing. I pity AM's hubby and four kids for having to put up with her diva-ness at the moment. Mine are relieved that I'm "back to normal" for now.

Abangan ang susunod na mood swing!

Trend spotting

I was browsing through People, one of my favorite websites because I wanted to check on who's wearing what. I found these in the "Would you wear these trends?" section and I say YES to all!

White Buttondown Shirt and Black Skirt
LOVE THIS! I especially like what Jessica Alba's wearing. The burgundy clutch and pumps were a really good move. I would wear something like this to a client presentation or a board meeting. Gives you additional points for looking so put together.

Jewelled Necklines
The white dress looks to-die-for! Now if only I could get rid of my post-childbirth bulge hehe!

Turquoise Dresses
I don't have too many blues in my closet. But I'll definitely go for this pretty shade because it's such a happy one.

Grey Sheaths
Another classic! If you're not a fan of the color black, then the next best thing is a Little Grey Dress just like any of these. Maybe I should ask La Ropa Barato to make me one for work hehe!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Still a baby at 39

My DF is a man of very few words (and actions na rin). He is every inch a male in that sense. No words, not touchy-feely. Atleast not since before I hit puberty. But I've learned to live with all that. That's just how he is, how he was raised. I used to feel bad that my Dad wasn't the demonstrative type. But when I stopped expecting, that's when I saw that he can be a loving and affectionate person in other, non-traditional ways.

Today's my birthay and he sent me this text message:

Dear Lord...Most of us always desire a perfect situation, a perfect life. Yet YOU, my Lord, do not grant a perfect life. What YOU give instead is a perfect heart in the midst of an imperfect life. Teach me to be cheerful, hopeful, smiling amidst imperfections and to enjoy YOUR wondrous blessings today, my birthday and everyday. Amen.

At the end of the message, here's what he wrote:

39 years on this planet

Just some birthday babble I feel the urge to "write" down....

I am 39 years old today. Do I look 39? NO --- hahaha! Feeling! But do I feel 39? Yes, yes and another resounding YES. If I try to recall what I felt on my birthday 5 years ago...I think it was a lot different then. 2 weeks before my actual birthday, I'd be calling people up to tell them about my birthday celebration. I would do this every year. I'd choose a venue or a friend would volunteer her house and all of us would get together to eat, drink and be merry c/o me, of course.

Then the unexpected happened...

When I turned 36, that's when it all changed. I woke up to find out it was just a few days and it would be my birthday and I hadn't planned on doing anything. Friends were texting me left and right. What's the plan for this year? You haven't said anything. Saan ba gagawin and when? Please let us know. And I found myself replying to them, No celebration this year. Why? I don't know. Just don't feel like it hehehe. But they didn't stop. Whaaat??? No celebration? But it's your birthday!!! Why no party? No food? No inuman? And that's how it's been since then. I think my friends finally accepted the fact that they'll never see another of my birthday parties again because most of them have stopped asking about it. Only one pushed her luck (hehehe) a few days ago and my answer remained the same.

HORMONAL. I just know it's all hormonal. I don't feel bad about being one year shy of the big FOUR-O. Age is just a number (right, Brends?), it's a state of mind. I'm blessed to have always looked younger than my true age. I used to hate it whenever I'd be asked for my ID everytime I tried to enter a bar or casino in the States. I always had to bring my passport with me because any other type of ID card would've been thought of as tampered or fake. But now that I'm 39, it's the other way around. I love the fact that people react surprised when I tell them how old I am. Lucky, lucky in that sense. So why is it that I've been having birthday blues for the past 3 yrs (and mind you, each year it just gets worse)??? I tell you...I'm 101% sure it IS hormonal. Can anyone offer a better explanation?

My new-found friend, J, did. She says she's been going through the same thing every year when her birthday nears and she thinks the culprit might just be the fact that we both stopped celebrating our birthdays that's been giving us these blues.

The one day in the year when we're entitled to be queens (or b*tches?) and be given whatever it is our hearts desire.

The one day in the year when everyone's eyes are focused on just us.

The one day in the year when it's not considered a sin to forget about the hubby and the kids and just think of ourselves for a change!

I think it all makes some kind of sense to me now, thanks to J. You certainly made a point, my friend!


Plueys for kiddies

At my age, it might be considered a crime to wear one of these. They're best left for the younger ones (ouch!) to enjoy. I have to admit though, the prints are really interesting and fun-looking. Their prices aren't bad either!

I just found out today (latebloomie as always) that Plueys has a line for kids as well! I would love to get a pair each for my girls!

Blue Jeans

Berry Stripey

They're US$ 25 a pair but the local distributor of Plueys sells the kids version for PHP 950 a pair. They'll be at the Urban Bazaar in Rockwell this weekend but you can also order these and the grown-up styles online. Soooooo cute!

Cut and Color day (16 Nov 07)

Been having the proverbial birthday blues so when DB called last night and asked me if I wanted to go with him to Basement Salon, I readily agreed! It was time to color my hair anyway (signs of aging everywhere I look) and I wanted a trim. Need to be ready for my re-entry into the corporate jungle.

The Before pic...eeewww, look at those roots!

Ursula??? Is that you??? Hahaha!

The color is a bit understated compared to my last one and eyelavet!

And finally...the After pic
Thank you, thank you dear STEFAN!
Now I'm back at home and in my birthday blues mode *sigh*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Me time @ the Nail Loft

Aside from weekly home service massages, the other thing I simply cannot do without is a good mani-pedi. I finally got to try the Nail Loft after hearing about it from my friend, Brenda and reading about it everywhere on the internet. For the past 3 months now, I've been calling on Nails @ Home to give me my mani-pedi-footspa right here at home. But this new place sounded so intriguing. So I drove to the nearest branch which is along J. Abad Santos (just off Wilson St. in Greenhills) in San Juan. Must have been a bad decision to go at 3pm on a Saturday because I had to circle the block 3 times before I found a parking spot. But the security guards of the building were extremely helpful. The place was about 80% full when I walked in. The receptionist welcomed me and knew almost instantly that I was the one she spoke to on the phone earlier. She ushered me into a vacant seat and soon after, my attendant Sherlyn stepped out (she's the same one Brends recommended that I ask for).

The Reception Area - the first thing I noticed when I entered was how good the place smelled. None of that irritating nail polish smell in the air.

My feet were first soaked in a basin filled with warm water while my hands were scrubbed

Impressive selection of nail polish : Essie, Orly, OPI, China Glaze
I went for Essie (always my default choice) Baby's Breath

Guess who kept me company? Their magazine selection is also up-to-date

I was given this spot because it was the only vacant one when I came

They have two of these couches as well. Perfect for you and a friend.

There you go! Clean and all set!

Maybe I should also mention that my package came with a complimentary cucumber eye mask which almost made me fall asleep hehehe and while I was waiting for my nails to dry, Sherlyn brought me this as well

I couldn't believe that a relaxing afternoon at Nail Loft only cost me P290 (exclusive of tip)
Beat that!

I will definitely be going back!

J. Abad Santos St. San Juan
Scout Gandia QC
Project 6 QC

Unearthed! (yes, you can go ahead and laugh)

A couple of veeeeery old photos of me and DB which popped up while I was cleaning out some of the mess inside one of my drawers. He will definitely kill me for posting these but I feel I deserve a good laugh. These remind me of our "aso't pusa" days (we're just 2 years apart). Uhhh hindi na ba kami aso't pusa today? Hehehe!

Good thing Mama was here earlier...she said that the first pic was taken in Tagaytay and the 2nd one at home in Sta. Ana after a family trip to Baguio (obvious ba sa mga get-up?)

Now I know why I'm always in nyorts

A modista in Multiply

I placed an order for this top from La Ropa Barato
I don't like tops that are too frilly. I can go romantic/victorian sometimes but it depends on how much lace and ruffles there are. Those uber feminine types just don't go well with my boisterous personality haha! But this one's right up my alley because I've always been the buttondown-pique polo-military-long-sleeved chambray kind.

I've been looking for a neighborhood modista for the longest time now and still can't find a good one in my area. I really miss having my clothes sewn by a modista. It's fun to look for styles and buy your own fabric. More often than not, it's more economical too! La Ropa Barato offers the same kind of convenience but with a bit of a risk because you don't get to have the usual "see and feel" experience. I'm willing to take the risk though because if it works out with them, I'll definitely go back for more. I actually could have given them my measurements but I was too lazy to do that so I told them to just make this top in a standard size small, hoping it will fit me perfectly. In about a week or so, I'll have my order and let you all know. I just know it'll go so well with the high-waisted trousers I recently snagged from Ilaya Couture.
My fingers are crossed!

P.S. Brends, thanks for convincing me to go with white
P.P.S. That's an interesting-looking skirt too, don't you think?

This is hilarious!

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
Thanks to my friend, JD for introducing me to this site. Was snickering the entire time I was making this =D

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Oprah's wisdom

Something worth sharing. I got this as an SMS from my DF

I live in a space of thankfulness,
and I have been rewarded a million times over for it.
I started giving thanks for small things,
and the more thankful I became, the more my bounty increased.
That's because what you focus on expands,
and when you focus on the goodness in your life,
you create more of it

~~~ Oprah Winfrey

One of the things I learned from Oprah was to create a daily THANK YOU list. Everyday before you retire, list down 5 things that you're thankful for. Keep a journal of it and do it religiously. When you're down in the dumps or in the midst of a crisis, it always helps to read back on what you've written. I've been doing this for about a couple of years now but I have a tendency to forget. Time to get back into the old habit!

What I did for love...

Yesterday, I braved this

To get these

I'm still extremeley disappointed about not being able to get my cupcakes in Rockwell yesterday, I just had to do something to satisfy this uncontrollable craving for sweets! I'm wondering why on earth I suddenly developed a sweet tooth. Never used to have one.

Anyway, I had a 130pm meeting in the Greenhills area so I thought of driving through Krispy Kreme before going home. Guess took me HALF AN HOUR to 45 minutes to get to the drive-thru window and I only came from right across the commercial center along Ortigas Avenue. Whatever! Atleast my sweet tooth is happy for now. I'm still craving for those cupcakes though. Oh well...I suppose it won't hurt to drop by Power Plant tomorrow to grab some.