Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There's nothing worse than waking up in the morning and feeling a lump in your throat. To me, this always signals the start of a sore throat and then a bad cold. It's always been like this for me, especially during the BER months. But this year it came a bit early, probably because Sabine was sick with a bad cough for about 2 weeks. It was only a matter of time before I caught it. As usual, I'm the last to get it (Neal and Anissa had short bouts, thankfully). But what's even worse is waking up in the morning and knowing you have no choice but to go to work despite feeling under the weather.

I coughed and sniffed no end during the Excomm meeting this morning. I couldn't even go through my TWO slides without letting out a cough. And the fact that the airconditioning in the office makes one feel like an eskimo did not help at all! I've learned to keep a pashmina shawl handy, in one of my office drawers. But today, even with my shawl I was insufficient. My colleague, Colin offered to make me some Pei Pa Koa hot tea after the meeting, but I got immersed in a lunch discussion with my boss that I totally forgot to go back to Colin with my coffee mug.

I don't know how I survived the rest of the day. I'm just so glad to be home and waiting for the masahista to arrive any minute now. I'm hoping tomorrow won't be so bad because yes, I still have to go to work.
Virus go away!!!