Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear God...

Thank you.

The situation I'm in right now is proof that Your hand is at work. I have no doubt that You are behind me, making sure that I'm guided every step of the way. Thank you for the lessons learned, no matter how painful; for the discoveries, no matter how shocking and hurtful; for the patience to know that while the answers are not yet obvious, it is clear to me that You are in control and it's just a matter of time before you reveal the results; for the strength not to stoop to my detractors' level; for the joy of having an extremely supportive family; for the quality time spent with my children who are enjoying every minute they've spent with me this past month; for the wisdom to know that it is not up to me, but up to You entirely.

Life has changed so much since you put me here. But I know that things can only get better.

You lead, I follow.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Repertory Philippines' Sleeping Beauty

I had such an enjoyable time with my girls this afternoon. I took them to see the matinee at 1:30, a fundraising event of my high school batch (St. Scholastica's College, Manila batch 1986) for our forthcoming Silver Homecoming. It was a refreshing change from the usual things we do with the kids and it was Sabine's first time to watch an actual play. I was expecting her to ask me if we could leave halfway through the show but my good little girl sat through the entire thing with eyes so wide. She even participated in that one segment where the actors asked the audience to join in. This definitely won't be the last time I'm taking her to a play. She's too used to watching TV and movies and this afternoon's experience only proves that it's time to
expose her to other forms of media.

Sleeping Beauty runs until December this year.
Tickets at P400, P350 and P300.

My girls, Sabine (left) and Anissa (center) with Maegan, Anissa's friend from school

My little first-timer who loved every minute!

It's Here!!!

I woke up from my afternoon nap yesterday and waited for Sabine to come home from school. Apparently, Neal got out of work early and picked her up. She usually has pasalubong for me when she gets home ... french fries from Mcdo or Jollibee, a bag of chips from 7-11. Whatever catches her eye. Yesterday though, she had a much bigger one!

She stepped out of the car with a bag in hand and shouted, "Happy Birthday, Mommy!!!" Hahaha! My birthday is still a few months away but it sure felt like it when I saw what was inside. My iPad finally arrived!!!

My new toy and I are still in the "getting to know you" stage, especially since Sabine had it almost the whole time since we opened it. I'm looking forward to discovering its ins and outs. Will post updates in the next few days.

Welcome home, Baby!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Number One Fans

Always there, whether I need them or not.
Always overprotective, never mind if I'm turning 42 this year.
Always thinking of my family and what they can do for or give to the kids.
Always spoiling the kids with things they don't need.
Always on my side, but first to criticize me when I'm wrong.
Always putting me first.
Always want what's best for me, even if I sometimes disagree.

I am truly blessed to have the coolest and most supportive parents.
Of course I didn't feel this way about them when I was a lot younger.
But it's true what people say, you only begin to truly appreciate them when you're older.
I'm not getting any younger and neither are they ...
I pray for their continued good health, longer time for them on this earth ...
So I can show them everyday how much they're loved.

iWant One After All!

Fine. I admit that when the iPad first came out, I was one of those who ridiculed it. It sounded funny to me. A large iPhone? Nah ... I have a laptop, thank you. Besides, I don't like touchscreens that much. In fact, I never got an iPhone despite all the hype. Neal had one and I never even held it for more than 15 minutes, I think. Sabine knows what to do with an iPhone more than I do.

When Neal first told me that he ordered an iPad, I remained unfazed. My first reaction was, "Why? Do we really need one?" But since then, I've been reading up on its features and looking for accessories online and I have to admit ... all that made me look forward to our iPad's arrival. So much so that for the past 3 days since he told me, I've been asking Neal when it's arriving.

He says it's mine but I know that's not gonna be the case. Remember, I have a 14 yr old who loves gadgets and a 4 yr old who knows her way around a Macbook and an iPhone. I'll have competition no doubt!

Watch out for my announcement on our new baby's arrival!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Have you ever felt like the universe is conspiring with you to fulfill your innermost wishes? I've been praying hard for something in the past weeks. Nothing specific really, but more for "what's best for me". I've recently learned that surrendering your worries to God truly works. When you put 100% trust in Him, He goes ahead and fixes things for you --- not necessarily in the way you want or hope for but according to His plan.

Today, I received some news that made me almost go down on my knees in gratitude to Him. What I heard may not be good news to others but there was a very clear message in it and I knew it was for me, from Him. It was His way of reassuring me that all is well and the best is yet to come.

Thank you, my dear Lord for making sure I was so ready to receive this blessing from You. Thank you for not failing me. Thank you for your perfect timing. You are so awesome.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Such a sad day for the Philippines

When the news of the hostage taking at the Quirino Grandstand broke out early this morning, I thought it was going to be just one of those things. After all, this wasn't the first time this was happening. I was alarmed when I found out that there were children on that tourist bus, but I never imagined it would end the way it did. I have mixed emotions about this unfortunate incident.

ANGER - at the hostage taker, former police officer Rolando Mendoza for putting innocent lives in danger. His stupid cry for attention eventually cost some of the hostages their lives. It is bad enough that you die unexpectedly, but to die this way, without any sense or reason is just downright NAKAKAGALIT.

TOTAL DISBELIEF - at how our supposed "Manila's Finest", our men from the Philippine National Police, handled this whole situation. What made it so bad was the rest of the world was witness to how ill-equipped our law enforcers are. Both CNN and BBC were running live feeds of the incident, for the entire planet to see. NAKAKAHIYA.

SHAME - because the authorities could have clearly prevented the outcome.

The fault of one is now looked at as the fault of an entire nation. As a result, the HK government has issued a travel advisory to its nationals, citing the Philippines as a no travel zone.

The question now is : where does the country go from here?

What a huge disappointment

We had really good seats.
We arrived early in order to feel the excitement along with other College basketball fanatics.
We wore our usual green and felt so high, confident that we were gonna give it a good fight.
We came prepared. But sadly ... our team didn't.

They were so unprepared. I can't find a bigger term to describe how they played yesterday.
No heart? Maybe that's it. By the time the 3rd quarter took off, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. The lead was too big and our boys weren't stepping up to the plate. How on earth???

They say it's more heartbreaking to lose a game by just a few points, when victory seems to be within reach then is snatched away at the very last minute. True. But a loss is a loss, especially when the game is played against an arch rival. It was a TOTAL letdown. Losing by more than 20 points is such a gigantic insult. Especially knowing how badly the boys played when they could've done so much more.

4 more games in the 2nd round. We're still in the running for the final 4 but STILL. It doesn't take away the fact that yesterday's game was the worst in the entire season. Next up ... FEU on Saturday. Another big game, because their guys are big and they've only lost once this year so far. I hope we've learned painfully from yesterday's stupid errors and redeem ourselves this weekend. Nevertheless ... ANIMO LASALLE pa rin!!!

And since I'm on the topic of disappointments, here's another one albeit less painful than the one above :

I had the girls wear this last night during our family dinner in Eastwood Mall. Guess what? They each had a mosquito bite halfway through dinner. I'll just finish off the 2 packs I bought and, well ... on to the next brand!

Bull's Eye

I came across this quote this morning and thought I'd share it here. It's very timely, for me atleast. The last line, well ... I hope people realize this before they let out a mouthful of negative things about someone. Sadly though, they don't. Guess that's they're loss.

There are two good rules which ought to be written on every heart: never to believe anything bad about anybody unless you positively know it to be true; and never to tell that unless you feel that it is absolutely necessary, and that God is listening while you tell it.-Henry Van Dyke

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Zipper Bracelets from Fasyonista.com

I love love love the color combination!
That's dark brown, olive and navy from left to right.
P300 for a set of 3. Not bad!

I think Maye of Fasyonista.com has a few more in stock.
These bracelets are actually from designer Noelle Llave.
I'm giving them their first day out tomorrow.

P.S. This photo made me want to go back to waxing my arms.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Night

Many years ago, Friday night meant painting the town red with girlfriends or going out on a date with my significant other. Today, it has definitely taken on a different meaning. After a long afternoon with some important people I had to meet with, Sabine and I went to Power Plant to meet up with Neal who was getting his regular haircut at Emphasis. It was bonding night! Sabine first went on a mini shopping trip (her usual) and found this, a Barbie Blackberry type toy phone. Thank goodness I spotted this! She was initially eyeing something else, a Barbie Digicam! But it was a REAL one and it cost around P7K. Whoa whoa whoa! Too much to spend on an impromptu shopping trip, little girl! I showed her the phone and she immediately let go of the digicam. Relieved!

After a full dinner at Mongkok downstairs, she again wanted to go back to Kidstation to do this

The lady in charge was extremely helpful. It was Sabine's first time to do this and thanks to the lady's patience and very pleasant disposition, Sabine learned the tricks in no time.

These are what she surprised us with after more than an hour.
For both pictures, we paid no more than P320. Isn't that so much better than spending the same amount of money in Timezone or Power Station?

Good job, baby girl!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Coming Soon!

My loot from F21 online and Cath Kidston passport holders are gonna be here soon! Woot! Watch out for my entry.

The Wednesday Club

Minus Chinky who had an important commitment, we met up again yesterday at Figaro in Boni High Street. From 6pm to about 9pm. 3 full hours of the usual : food, coffee and most importantly ... CHIKA. What gathering of old (no pun intended) high school friends is complete without juicy stories??

This gathering was especially interesting because everyone had something to say about the topic of the night. Thank you for the sound advice, my friends, and the all-out support that came with them.

So blessed to have friends ... the REAL kind.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Modern Family is Love!!!

Hooray for my latest discovery!
This TV series is very entertaining and really a must-see!
I'm halfway through Season 1. The next season premieres next month and I can hardly wait.
This show is highly recommended. Two thumbs up!

Saving the Dates!

It's been months and I really miss watching my favorite TV shows! I am so looking forward to the start of the new seasons next month and quietly counting down the days :

Criminal Minds Season Premiere, September 22nd
CSI New York Season Premiere, September 24th
CSI Miami Season Premiere, October 3rd
Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere, September 23rd

Brothers and Sisters, Gossip Girl ... the list just goes on! I wonder if there are any new titles that are worth watching? I would gladly add them to my already kilometric list! Can't wait, can't wait!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Patience, Faith and Complete Surrender

I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be on the cryptic side in this entry. Only my very good and trusted friends will know what I'm referring to here. I refuse to talk about the details because it's rather complicated and doing so might affect the results I'm praying for.

The past 3 or so weeks have been quite challenging. The issue stared at me right in the face and put me in a situation where I could have questioned my self-worth, capacity and intentions. But I didn't dwell on it for too long. I knew I had nothing to worry about and to fear. I immediately spent a few minutes praying and lifted everything up to Him. No doubt, that was the BEST decision I made. It's been smooth sailing since then. Sure there are times when I'd receive information that made me weaken a bit, but the feeling never lasted too long. Each time, I just prayed for Him to take it all away. I am, after all, only human and prone to these lapses in faith. I just had to make sure I didn't waste my time worrying about something that I had previously asked God to be in control of for me.

Today, everything remains unsolved and there are moments when I feel that the waiting is slowly killing my confidence. But at the end of the day, I go back to the moment I told God to take the wheel. I need to trust that He's at work and doing what He can to make sure I get through it all. Along the way, He has given me signs that all is well despite the way this all came to play, despite the hurt and anger this issue has caused me to harbor in my heart. I am amazed, to say the least, because I don't seek them and yet they seem to show up at just the right time. It's these signs that tell me all is well. So I know that He IS on my side and working towards my deliverance from this painful but valuable experience.

And for that, I am truly grateful. Thank you, God ... for the trials that make me strong and the lessons learned. I can't wait for You to finish this off.


Old Reliable : Becky's Kitchen

They definitely have the best (chocolate) brownies in town. But I'm not too fond of brownies. I have them only when I feel like it. It's different though when it comes to their Lemon Squares. I can have them anytime, all the time! Soft and moist ... super chewy!

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask DH how much a box of this now costs. He brought it home for me the other day, along with a box of brownies for himself. I'm sure it's no more than P200. Such a small price to pay for heaven!

Becky's Kitchen is on Vito Cruz St., in Malate

Yes? No? Maybe?

My current obsession : THE YSL EASY Y SATCHEL.

I briefly obsesssed about getting a Balenciaga. But that phase is over and done with. I've always wanted bags that I can use both for work and on casual weekends. That way, I get to justify the spending. No, I am not rich and don't have the luxury of buying a designer bag whenever I feel like it. Most of the time, I just sleep the urge off. HAHAHA.

But this, oh well ... let's see how long it's going to bother me before I finally give in.

YSL Easy Y Rock Zip Tote
(looks safe enough)

Here's one in a grey shade, on the left

In Orchid Patent ... soooo pretty!

In nylon too
Which I am sure is a lot more affordable compared to the leather ones
But do I really want a nylon bag?

For now, I'm still thinking about whether I really really really want it
Don't get me started on what color I'm eyeing. I'm still too confused to know.

Time to Wear Green Again!

This is a rather late post (as all of my recent posts are, because I've AGAIN neglected to update this site for a while). The UAAP games are on and we are on our 2nd round. Yesterday's close call was versus NU (National University), where the Green Archers won by a hair at the very last minute! I'm so happy I have lots of time to watch the games even on weekdays.

The next one is on Thursday versus the University of the Philippines.
The even bigger one comes on Sunday versus longtime rival, ADMU.

ANIMO LASALLE!!! I hope we make it to the finals this year. Kayang kaya!!!

The Newest Kid on the Block

Can you spell LOVE???

I first saw this limited edition Longchamp somewhere in Multiply. Just couldn't take my eyes off it. Tried to wrack my brains deciding if I wanted the bronze or the silver. I guess you can pretty much tell which color won in the end. Thanks to a friend who was in Sweden at the time, I was able to snag this beauty at a price I would've paid for a regular Longchamp purchased locally. Everyone knows Longchamps are way cheaper when bought in Europe.

I took it on its first outing the other day and silently felt proud of myself for the discreet looks I got at the mall, from other women who were carrying Longchamps. Hee hee!

Take a look at the other color :

Can you spell LOVE twice?

On the Lookout For This

Oily skin is something that's like 2nd nature to me. To date, MAC's Studio Fix Foundation is the only thing that keeps the oilies at bay, as far as I'm concerned. Still ... from time to time and depending on how uncooperative the weather is, I need to grab a blotting paper to make sure I'm not sporting the frying pan look when I'm out. All these years, I've relied on Clean and Clear. No other brand compares to it. But Kleenex is my trusted tissue/toilet paper brand and I can't help but wonder if this new product is going to beat my current oil blotting paper brand. The price is comparable to Clean and Clear's, just slightly cheaper I think.

It's definitely worth a try. I hope I find it at Watson's later. Will definitely post a review within the next few days.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Globe's MyFi

I'm just about giving up on our Skybroadband wi-fi thing here at home. For the past 2 weeks, it's been acting strange. We lose our connection between 8-830am every single day, afterwhich, the signal goes on and off the rest of the day. Thank God we still have our trusty Sun Cellular broadband "stick" as reserve. I heard about Globe's newest product from a very good friend and saw a lot of Tweets about its performance, so we got one for Father Goose and tried it out for ourselves for a few days before giving it to him. It's definitely God sent!

At home, you can use up to 5 laptops simultaneously. The speed is amazing as well. It's a wireless router with its own sim so you can also use it while in the car. I tried it myself and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed at all. Even while mobile, the speed was consistent, no pauses or downtime.

This made me decide to eventually get one for ourselves. We chose the postpaid kind, which charges you P999 a month, unlimited surfing. The prepaid pack is a bit costly because you need to purchase the device at more than P7K.

My rating? 5 stars definitely!

Beauty Finds : Sunsilk Straight to Perfection and Olay Beauty Bar

The shampoo is not new to me. I've been using it for a few months now and although through the years, I've been switching from one brand to another, I think I've found THE brand I'm gonna stick to for a while.

Been using the one in the purple bottle, Sunsilk Straight to Perfection. Most of the time and even with my rebonded hair, I don't even need to use conditioner. I just do when I'm in the mood to blowdry or style my hair after a shower. Otherwise, just with the shampoo I'm good to go. I also love that the scent is not overpowering and is fruity with a hint of strawberry. My 14 yr old claims she likes it too, so everytime I go to the grocery I make sure to grab two sets, one for each of us.

The bottles you see in the photo above are the imported packaging. These are the bottles I get when I'm in Puregold Subic. In Manila though, they're packed differently but use the same bottle color.

My most recent switch is the one I made to Olay Beauty Bar, Age Defying variant. I've seen and read a lot of good reviews about this line so I made the big jump from body washes to this. I admit, it's not as convenient to use vs. the liquid type. But it's extremely lathery, I don't need to use much on my bath lily. Again, I'm big on scents and this one isn't overpowering either. I've already stocked up on a few more bars after buying just one to try out. After a few showers, I decided I was going to use this for a while.

It comes in other variants too : Fresh Reviving and Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter. They all promise younger-looking skin in just 7 showers. Hmmm...we'll see about that!

Meantime, I hope you all give these a try. They're really worth it!

Tweet! Tweet!

I never thought I'd be hooked. But guess what? I am now officially a Twitter addict.
It's even better than reading the papers. I follow a lot of news-related accounts and get realtime updates from these. A few good friends have signed up too so we also use it to communicate on a daily basis about anything under the sun. I've just downloaded the newest version of UberTwitter for my Blackberry and although it's still a bit slow (the announcement of the new version was posted just this morning), I'm looking forward to it settling down within the day.
I would ask people to follow me but for now, I'd like to keep my account private and accessible only by people I know and verified accounts of reliable resources of information.
If you haven't signed up on Twitter yet, I suggest you do. But don't blame me for the addiction. It's almost impossible not to get hooked!