Friday, June 19, 2009

Turning Japanese!

I finally got to go to SAIZEN, the Japanese store in Robinson's Galleria where everything sells for P85 a piece. I thought I was going to end up with loads of stuff I don't need but I was a good girl (pressed for time was more like it). With aisles and aisles filled with everything imaginable, it's a bit hard to exercise self-control!
The entrance --- really wide and welcoming
This aisle excited me the most --- PENS!!!
Pouches in all colors, shapes and sizes

Reading glasses? Just find your grade and the style that best suits you. If you're just like my DH, you'll want to buy several of these. He keeps forgetting where he puts his so now, he has one in the car, one on his work desk and another one in the patio where we read our morning papers hahaha!

Baskets so cute! You can use these to put small food items or pastries and give them away during the holidays.

Japanese style dinnerware...I'm going back for these next time

Wooden serving utensils, so practical and useful

My little girl will go crazy when she sees these chopsticks!

PET bottles anyone? I don't know about you but I have a constant stock of these at home.

Those are all the photos I could manage to take. Too bad I totally forgot to take photos of my loot but here's what I got : Kitchen sponges, 3 sets of fabric woven coasters, some wooden spoons, cosmetic cleansing pads (130 pcs a box), a gazillion pens and gel rollers, markers, bull clips, pet bottles (of course) and wipe cloths. See? Nothing I don't need!
wish I had more time to go around. I would scour the aisles longer if I did. I'm hoping they open another branch soon, preferably in the Makati area. I don't frequent Robinson's Galleria too often, which is why I see myself going to the Japan Home Store (beside most DIY Hardware stores) in Greenhills more often like I'm used to. But in terms of variety, SAIZEN makes the Japan Home Store look so pathetic.
I've never really had a 30-minute shopping trip before. Much too short.
But this one was truly enjoyable despite the limited time.
Arigato Gozaimasu!

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