Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On Mike Tyson's Loss

First, there was the Puerto Galera incident which literally tore my heart to pieces. I still become teary-eyed whenever I check Mon E.'s Facebook account and view the videos he has posted in memory of his 3-yr old son, Franco who perished in that tragic accident a week ago.

And now this! I just hate hearing or reading about accidents involving children. But I can't resist these articles because I know there's a lesson somewhere that's waiting to be picked up by the rest of us clueless folks. Can a parent ever learn to forgive him/herself for losing a child this way? I've always been the panicky/worrier type and people kid me about this all the time (sometimes, I feel, to the point of wanting to strangle me for being so overprotective of my kids). Do I care? I DON'T. At the end of the day, I'd rather be "mocked" for being a stage mom than find myself in a situation like this.

For a week now, I've been saying a prayer for Franco Eugenio, his cousin Anton and grandmother Daisy. And now I'll be adding Mike Tyson's little girl to my prayer list. I pray, too, for Mike Tyson's 7 year old son who discovered his little sister hanging on the treadmill with that cord around her neck.

I'm feeling depressed all over again...

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  1. I hate that kind of death. It seems so senseless.=(