Monday, May 6, 2013

New week, new home!

In preparation for the really exciting things that are about to happen, Non Stop Babble has moved to a new home. Please bookmark this new site and I'll see you there! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

What's your social media personality?

This is really interesting. Take a look at the results of a study made on the types of personalities you'll find in social media networks. I don't think there's one personality that best describes me. I'm probably a combination of an Ultra, Informer and Approval Seeker. 

I'm an ULTRA because, I'm hardly ever offline. Even if I'm out of the house, I'm still connected to social media via my phone (used to be an iPhone5 and now a Note II which I am loving even more and is largely the reason behind the time I spend tracking my social media accounts these days). I'm only quiet when focused on a certain activity that requires my undivided attention or when I'm in a place that has really poor or no signal haha! 

I'm partly an INFORMER because I notice that I'm always eager to share news. When I'm in the mall and I spot something interesting to me or what I know would be interesting to my circle or followers, it's on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook in just a few minutes. 

Lastly, I'm also an APPROVAL SEEKER. I know it sounds so juvenile. It's mostly kids who keep asking people to follow them and talk to them. In my case, I don't care much for "likes". I like checking to see if people have commented or reacted to any of my posts because I'm basically an engaging person and I like interaction. I'm most alive when I'm interactive. Ask anyone who knows me well.

I know that there are sooooooo many LURKERS out there. I wish the number for this type would go down drastically soon. It's so much fun to "talk" and interact in social media sites. I've discovered that this is a surefire way to expand one's network ... whether it's personal or professional. So many people start out nowadays as Twitter or Facebook friends and then evolve into being friends in "real" life, outside of social media. It's happened to me many times now and it's always so gratifying, really. 

So ... let's interact shall we? Which personality fits you? 

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Sunday Thought

There are days when I think about my Dad more than usual. 
Today is one of them. 

I miss you sooooooooooo much, Daddy. 

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone.