Saturday, December 31, 2011

Buckle up, everyone! 2012 is just around the corner. Thank you, 2011, for all the wonderful opportunities that you brought! I welcome the new year with open arms, a renewed spirit and great anticipation.

Dear Lord, I am filled with thanks for all the abundant blessings of the year that's about to end. I pray that my loved ones and I continue to receive them in the days ahead.

To my dearest family and friends, here's wishing all of you the BEST of times ahead!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

A few days ago, I made a difficult decision to let go of something I've gotten so used to and one of my favorite things to bring around. I've been a Blackberry user for a few years now and I've said again and again ... I wouldn't give it up for an iPhone because Blackberry Messenger is such a useful tool for me. Not to mention the fact that I'm so used to texting with a keyboard. N recently gifted me with a Blackberry 9900 for my birthday. He was secretly hoping I would ask for the iPhone 4 but I stood my ground. He gave me what I wanted despite his slight disappointment hehe. 

I used it with such ease and comfort. This was my favorite Blackberry model so far. But alas, all good things must come to an end. My love affair with Blackberry ended a few days ago. It was a really difficult choice, but my back was against the wall on this one. I had given up on my telco service provider's inability to explain to me why I was still getting GPRS charges despite the fact that I never use my phone to surf when I'm at home, which is like 80% of the time. Charges of Php 7,000 per billing cycle? It's totally ridiculous and I would never ever pay for it because I know they don't deserve my hard-earned money. After weeks of asking them to resolve this complaint, I'm still waiting and in fact, my postpaid line has died in the process (another story). 

Anyway, much to my extreme disappointment I had no choice but to switch phones. N was a Blackberry user for a little over a year and had the exact same issue I'm dealing with now. The minute he switched to an iPhone, the billing problems stopped. I get so stressed out everytime I talk to someone from the service provider so despite the heavy heart, I chose to solve my problem my way.

Enter my new friend
I was excited to see it when N surprised me on the same day I made the decision (that's how excited he is about me making the big switch!). In fact, he lied about sending the driver on an errand when in fact, the driver was picking up the phone from his contact in Greenhills. 

I've been using it for 5 days now and okay, I 'll admit ... it ain't so bad. I used to say I don't like touch screens because I text really fast and this feature would "cramp my style". But the people other than N who've been convincing me to get the iPhone were right. It just takes some getting used to. While I really, really miss my old friend (we sold it to its new owner last Friday - that was quick!), I'm slowly liking the iPhone 4s. Nope, I don't use Siri that much. I still think I can do without her. Sabine though, thinks of her as a playmate, especially when we're in the car and stuck in traffic LOL.

Just to clarify though ... I still think there's nothing like Blackberry Messenger. I keep waiting for my BBM alert to go off because I'm so used to chatting with friends there. Now I feel like an outcast. 

iPhone 4s ... you have a tough job ahead of you.
But thanks to my darling N as always for the early Christmas present.

iPhone 4/4s users ... what apps and accessories are "must haves"? 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just like wine, ripened with age...

One of my BIGGEST blessings 
No doubt, no questions

We've been together for so long, even longer than our respective marriages!
In good times and bad (oh many many bad times in the past for sure)
In sickness (knock on wood!) and in health
To infinity and beyond!!!

20 plus Christmases together and still counting
And to quote Rick Astley, whose songs we danced a lot to when we were younger...

"Together forever and never to part..."

I wish for everyone to have solid friendships like ours!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Forever 21

I've only been to Forever 21 (Megamall) about 3-4x since it opened. All those times, I just happened to be in Megamall for something else but since I was already there and I don't frequent Megamall, I went. Today was probably the longest time I ever spent in the store. Anissa and I purposely went because our afternoon was spent shopping for holiday gifts. After getting a lot of stuff from the SM Department Store (I'm amazed at how much they've leveled up in terms of merchandise), we headed to Forever 21 to look for gifts for the girls in the family. We didn't have much time left though, so we were able to grab a lot less than we had hoped. Which means we need to go back, perhaps on a weekday again, so that we won't have to deal with a thick crowd.

While there, I decided to do a really thorough inspection of their Accessories section. I was on the lookout for some pieces that I intend to use to dress up a plain outfit that I'm planning to wear to a wedding in two weeks. I spent a good half an hour choosing because seriously, it's easy to get dizzy while going through all the stuff! I'm so happy with what I ended up with.

The bracelet is quite pricey at more than P800 but it's quite understandable because it's double the width of the others I saw, plus it had bling all over. I spent about P1,500 for all of these. Definitely a good deal. Other than this, I also scored a dress for just P665. I'll share it sometime soon, when I decide to wear it.

Forever 21 is undoubtedly the place to go for very affordable clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Given the chance, my teenager would go there every weekend. My toddler though, thinks that the Kids Section could be bigger LOL!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Take : Goody Spin Pins

I finally gave in and bought these last Sunday. Unfortunately, the store (PcX in Rockwell) didn't have the big ones and the brunette variant, so I had to settle with a set of mini pins (3 pieces) and the lighter-colored ones that are supposedly for blondes. Not a major issue, if you ask me. Especially since these are supposed to stay hidden within your hair. 

I know I took a picture of the box before I opened it but sadly, it's not in my phone's memory card anymore. I must've deleted it somehow. Here's a photo I grabbed from Google. 

The Minis come in a set of 3 and are actually ideal for top buns which are made with only half your head of hair as shown on the box. But I use them to make a whole bun and it's not an issue. My hair isn't thick at all that's why. 

I have to be totally honest though. I attempted to do the bun a total of 10 TIMES before I finally got it right. For some reason, my bun wouldn't stay put. The box says the coils shouldn't interact with each other while in use. I guess that's one of the reasons it didn't work at first. I couldn't find the right spot to coil them into and they just kept running into each other. I was totally frustrated and p*ssed off by the time I yelled, "finally!!!"  I guess it's also more challenging for people like me who have layered hair because twisting the hair into the bun could take a bit of effort. 

Nothing wrong with the product itself. You really just need to get the hang of it first and make sure you find the right spots to position them in. 

Today, I had a much easier time doing this bun. Only 2 attempts LOL!

Mine always ends up messy even if I don't try too hard because of the layers

Here's another photo under natural lighting so it also shows my hair color (which I totally love)

See how those loose strands show on the sides and especially on the bottom? It didn't take any effort at all on my part to make them look that way. Again, it's the layers. 

I'm a lot less obsessive compulsive about my rebonded hair nowadays so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using these a lot. I think they're a lot kinder than rubber ties/ponytail holders. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Milky and Sunny : Feels Like Home

This is (to say the least) a long overdue post. I've been to Milky and Sunny a few times since it opened. It's amazing to see how this new place has become so popular since their first day. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it's now probably the most popular food joint in the Kapitolyo, Pasig area.

I'm sorry if these pictures disappoint. I didn't have my Lumix GF2 with me the times I was there so I had to make do with my old BB Torch's camera. These are just some of the food items in their menu that I've personally tried

Bananarama Pancakes, P140.00
I wish I had enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this (despite the fact that I remember us having this as a finale to our meal). I'm a fan of anything that's banana and peanut butter combined. I don't exactly know what made it crunchy in some parts but I totally enjoyed it!

Eggs Benedict, P150.00
Seriously.. this is so much goodness packed into a meal. Anissa ordered this because my girls are egg-lovers. After finishing the order, she didn't have any room left to try anything else. I say WIN!

Red and Green Bell Pepper, Potatoes and Sausage Omelette P130.00
Are you believing how friendly the prices are so far?
This was really good too.

Choco Marble Warble, P120.00
My friend's not-so-little girl ordered this so I didn't get to try it. But I trust a kid when she says it's really yummy!

Breakfast Enchiladas P200.00
Blame me for being a bottomless pit and not even knowing what goes into my mouth. I don't and can't remember what's inside the enchiladas.

Corned Beef Rice and Egg Meal P120.00
If you're hungrier than you initially thought, you can also choose more items to go with your order and get one of their Big Breakfast Plates for P250.00
(includes hash potatoes other than what you see in the picture)

Bacon Tostadas, P100.00
We had two orders of this!

Tapa Rice and Egg Meal, P160
Naturally, I had to leave the best for last
I am a true blue Beef Tapa lover so I couldn't pass on the chance to try this
Please don't be fooled, the Tapa looks minimal in the pic because I had been eating it when I realized I hadn't taken a photo. The tapa serving is more generous than what you see.
I keep going back for this!

These next few photos will show you why the place feels like home
(photos are from Milky & Sunny's Facebook page)

I promise to take more photos with my Lumix next time I visit the place. I can't wait to try out the other stuff I've only seen in pictures so far.

Visit Milky & Sunny at #9 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig
Follow them on Twitter : @milkynsunny
Or look them up on Facebook for more info

Monday, November 21, 2011

Back in Mamou for my 43rd

Been a while since I last dined here. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they now have a branch in Power Plant, which happens to be my favorite shopping mall.

I first wanted to go to Barcino there for my birthday dinner. But when we arrived at around a little past 8pm, there were no tables available. So the next best option (a tried and tested one) was Mamou.

Luckily for us, there was a table good enough for 5 people right outside and it wasn't so hot that particular evening. We were famished so we didn't lose time in ordering. While waiting for our orders to arrive, I just had to take a few photos because it was my first time at this branch.

The chandeliers give the place a nice and unique touch

Loved the paper placemats

We were given a complimentary bread basket. The breads are small and perfect because they're easier to wolf down LOL.

Then the food came ... finally! (note: service wasn't bad. we were just so hungry!)

Truffle Flavored Vegetable Mushroom Dip with Melba Chips
The perfect appetizer!

Soft Shell Crab Salad
Beer battered soft shell crabs, arugula, Lola Rosa, tomatoes, anchovy vinaigrette
The dressing in indescribably delicious. One can never go wrong with this.

Batac Bolognese
Spaghettini, Batac Ilocos sausage, fennel, stewed tomato sauce, served al dente

Lamb Tapa
White garlic rice (you can ask for red rice), eggs with truffle flavored oil, salsa Pina on the side
The lamb was to die for!

Lorenzo's Truffle Cream 
Spaghettini, Truffle flavored cream, Grana Padano cheese, served al dente
Although a bit on the heavy side because it's cream-based, I really really loved this.
So tasty!

Pulled Steak Sandwich
Sliced Prime Grade Angus Ribeye on white or whole wheat bread

There was absolutely no room for dessert after trying out a little bit of everything we ordered. The kids were so happy with the food, too. Plus it was really nice dining outdoors because Rockwell is now all set to welcome Christmas. We were surrounded by red lights.

We had some leftovers to bring home in these paper doggie bags that are so appropriate. I wish all restaurants would stop using plastic bags.

Thank you to my wonderful babies for taking me out to dinner!

Friday, November 11, 2011

What to do?

I actually have about 2-3 hours all to myself today. I need to go out to have something of Anissa's exchanged in Greenhills and I intend to make the most of it by going around. Other than look around for Christmas gift ideas and shopping for little things, I don't know what else to do. I've been dying to get a facial but I don't have a regular facialist because I've never ever had one done in my entire life. If I chance upon a place that looks decent enough, I just might make a go for it. Those who have a regular skincare routine might be cringing at this thought (just walking into a random place) but like I said, I'm total newbie at this. Bahala na! All I know is I get some peace and quiet for a while and I'm looking forward to it!

It's 11-11-11, guys! Did you make a wish earlier?
I did!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that remind me of my childhood

Since I'm turning 43 in a few days, I got to thinking ...

Time is fleeting. I can't believe I'm in mid-life stage. I feel like I was transported to where I am now so quickly. I really am a grown-up. Not that I didn't realize it ages ago. It's just that when you're around your teenager's friends and they call you "Tita" or say, "Good evening PO, Tita", the reality of growing old really tends to hit you and HARD.

Recently, my brother and I were exchanging childhood memories while both online in Facebook. We posted photos on our respective walls and tagged each other.  It was fun recalling all the carefree days spent as children growing up with many other cousins our age.

Some very vivid memories of my childhood include

Ballet classes 
I think I started taking them at age 7 or 8 and continued until I was about 16.
My Mom was a ballet dancer. In fact, she started teaching at the age of 16.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to the teaching part. I gave it up for Jazz classes.
Photo credit :

Weekends at my grandparents'
My Lolo and Lola on my Mom's side had a huge house in Cubao, with a pool that was big enough to fit all the grandchildren who were based locally. There were about a 8-10 of us back then. Saturdays were always spent at that house and I always looked forward to jumping into the pool and playing rough games with the boys, who always succeeded in making me cry.
Photo credit :

The Magnolia Ice Cream House on Aurora Blvd.
After swimming, Lolo would normally take us here for merienda. I can still remember my default order : a strawberry sundae with extra marshmallows. Unfortunately, this structure no longer exists and Magnolia Ice Cream doesn't taste the same. Peace out :)
Photo credit :

Yes, this is what Rustan's looked like when I was a kid. Sundays were always spent here with my Dad, Mom and brother. This is where we bought our groceries weekly and where I would usually buy my birthday and Christmas outfits. I don't remember frequenting any other department store back then.
Photo credit :

WOW. There's actually a lot more.
Kimpura Restaurant. Alemar's Bookstore. Rizal Theater. Quad Cinema. Bon Appetit. Magnolia Twin Popsies and Ice Cream Sandwich. Homemade birthday parties (complete with the cotton candy and Magnolia carts), balloons and giveaways from Popoy's Toy Balloons in QC, cake from Goldilocks.

I can go on and on. But this should do for now. My kids are in awe whenever I tell them stories from my childhood. They say no wonder they like going out a lot on weekends, because that's how I spent my growing up years, too. I'd be lying if I say I don't miss those days. But I'm thankful I have so much to look back on. Advanced happy 43rd to me!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who wants a virtual makeover?

Thanks to a reader, Orange M., I was extremely busy doing virtual makeovers this morning. If you read my previous post, you would know what's kept my mind occupied since yesterday. I've been toying around with the idea of getting my hair permed! Yes, for the first time ever in my life.

My birthday's coming up so that's a good excuse, right? It is, but unfortunately, I can't do it just yet. So in the meantime, I played around to see which hairstyles would fit me the most.

I won't share the other photos because I seriously laughed at the way I looked. But here's my favorite among the lot...

The question is ... are there different kinds of digi perms?
How do I achieve these exact same curls? 

I have a few months to think about it.
Should I get the sunglasses, too? 
They're Dolce and Gabbana LOL.

Go get a virtual makeover, too. It's so much fun!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My weird urge

I think I've been watching too much TV. In particular, TV shows with gorgeous women and their long, curly hair. I know this is true because today, I got this really strange feeling of wanting to have my hair permed. It's strange because I've always hated my wavy hair. It's the main reason I have my hair rebonded annually. And now I'm actually thinking of curls???

Here's why!

Stana Katic who plays Detective Kate Beckett on CASTLE

Lyndsy Fonseca who is Alex on NIKITA


There's something about long, curly hair that makes a person look more seductive. Not my objective though LOL. I just want to try it out because it looks so nice on other people.

Sadly though, I'll have to wait awhile (granting I eventually decide on getting it done). I just had my hair rebonded last July, that's only less than 4 months ago. Having it permed will surely cause some serious damage to it. I'd rather drool over these photos than kill myself with regret.

Besides, I don't really know if the hairstyle will fit me.

Hope you all have a restful long weekend!