Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forever21 Online Shopping Rocks!

I tried ordering from their US website, and had the stuff shipped directly to my door. First time I've done this since I usually just ride on a friend's regular orders. Crossing my fingers, I clicked on the check-out button and hoped the package would get to me without a long wait, ridiculous taxes or missing items.

Fast forward to a little over a week since I finalized my orders and VOILA! The box was in tact, orders complete and the best part? NO ADDITIONAL TAXES! I truly woke up to a beautiful morning when this arrived!

I kept thinking to myself, I should've bought more. But I wanted to play it safe since I had never tried doing this myself before. Now I know how it works and that it works well so I can maybe do it again soon hahaha!

This is my favorite among all the things I ordered

These clogs were originally priced at $30 but were on sale at half off!
Too bad Anissa can't borrow them from me because she's already a full size bigger.
She'll be able to take advantage of the clothes I got, though. More savings right there!

Visit Forever 21 for some hassle-free, online shopping FUN!