Sunday, June 29, 2008

Curiosity killed the cat

I shouldn't have read it. But I'm a total sucker and I never learn. My curiosity has gotten me into trouble before and I just never ever learn. DH slightly freaked when he learned how seriously I was taking this and said I should be ashamed of myself for allowing my faith to be shaken by something like it. I tried to defend myself by saying that I don't and never really believed in prophecies...just that earthquakes are really my greatest fear and if there's anything that can turn me into a coward, no doubt earthquakes are it! But he didn't buy it. He said, no matter what I say the bottomline is I HAVE NO FAITH period.
And maybe he's right...

Click on this link to see what I'm talking about

BUT only if you're absolutely sure your faith is stronger than mine

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Night Food Tripping

Braved the unexpected downpour tonight and headed to Shang Mall post dinner DH's younger sister, Michelle, said we should all try Secret Recipes and so we did!
Even at almost 9pm, the place was still full, we had to wait a bit to be seated

American Brownies ala Mode - DH and I shared this
Highly recommended! Super rich but not annoyingly sweet. They used really good dark chocolate. P85 for the brownies alone. Add P45 for the ice cream scoop.

Blueberry Cheesecake slice for DBIL

Chocolate Milkshake

My Frosty Lemon Tea --- so refreshing. I recommend this drink too!

Wearing Kuya Jiggs' shades (don't worry Sabine, Mommy will save up for a nose lift hehehe)

Happy faces and DSILs, nephew Toby and niece Gia

More smiley faces, DM and DH with Sabine

One last photo before we left (somebody obviously liked what he ate)

I heard they serve good meals, too. Will try them next time.

Secret Recipes is at the 5th level of Shangri-la Mall
Beside Wham Burger and near Bayo

Can't get you out of my head

Quoting Kylie Minogue's annoying song

I just can't get you out of my head
Boy your loving is all I think about
I just can't get you out of my head
Boy it's more than I dare to think about

Set me freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks, Janis...for being such a
baaaaaad influence!
(now the even BIGGER problem...I've always preferred the Damier over the Mono because I'm acidic and that will hasten the patina process. But the Beaubourg Mono doesn't have leather straps waaaaaahhhhhhhhh!)

Photo credit : Bagaholicboy

Tory Burch - not an exception

I knew it was just a matter of time before this happens. After having lunch with my cousin, Marla last Thursday, I had to go to Greenhills to pay for DH's Globe cellphone bill. I had a bit of time to kill so I decided to scoot over to the tiangge to take a quick look (so true to form hahaha!). Walking around, I saw something that really caught me eye. Tory Burch ballet flats in all colors lined up on a metal shoe rack! And I remember thinking to myself...uh oh, I knew it. This particular stall (I didn't see any other stall carrying these replicas even after I did a couple more rounds) had the Reva Ballet Flats in both matte and patent leather plus the Thora Patent Thong Sandals. They even had the ballet flats in kids' sizes. I was a bit embarassed to take photos, especially after I grilled the salesperson about the prices and where on earth the shoes came from --- funny but she claimed they were overruns, which is now THE way to defend an item's replica status hehehe. The shoes have made their way to so I suggest you do a Tory Burch search there to see what they look like.

After that episode, the first thing I did was to go to the TB website and look at her shoes closely to see how different they are from the ones I just saw in GH. Major major discrepancies of course! Anyway...I diverted my attention to her bags. Maybe I should get one of these while it's early...

Ella Tote, $175

Canvas Lux T-Tote with Applique, $295

Reversible Aggie Belt, $175
(I'm not really a belt person but I like the colors on this one)

More from Tory Burch here

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Better late than never

I was off from work today so I had a long overdue lunch with Marla, my first cousin on my Mom's side of the family. We decided to meet at Angel's Kitchen along Connecticut St. in Greenhills. It was my first time (yes, after reading about it so often)
and her 2nd visit after years. The place is conveniently situated nextdoor to Konbini Store where the very popular and expensive Royce Chocolates are now sold.

Surprisingly, the place was packed! Marla arrived a few minutes ahead of me and when I finally got there, we had to wait another good 10 minutes before a table was made ready for us. We sat down and ordered almost immediately and in no time, our food arrived...

Mandarin Chicken for me

Lamb Curry for Marla

On the house : Crostinis and Liver Pate

In between bites of our delicious orders (we both got signature dishes), we talked about our lives, our kids, motherhood, SHOES (yes, the fetish runs in our family!), shopping, bags and everything else we could pack into such a brief encounter!

The term "long overdue" takes on a much deeper meaning in this case. There is an interesting story to this...a very long and interesting one. No one would believe how "telenovela-ish" it is. But as the age old saying goes...all's well that ends well.

I wish we had more time but I had FUN!
'Til our next lunch, Marla!
(Oh and I think you should really buy another pair of TB flip flops
so they can stop haunting you hahaha!)

I was this close!

When my cousin, Marla and I agreed that we would meet up for lunch today at Angel's Kitchen in Greenhills, I had no idea that the Konbini Store (which sells the famous Royce Chocolates) was right next door! I remember being told that it was along Annapolis St., not Connecticut. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it upon parking my car outside.

After our lunch, Marla and I went over to Konbini. She to grab packs of Japanse pasta sauce which son Gabbie loves and I to snag a box of Royce's Chocolate-covered potato chips. Guess what??? They were out of stock! The store had everything except the one thing I really wanted. Even if I've tried a few of their other variants before, the chips were what I really really wanted to take home.

I was so disappointed I didn't even feel like taking photos of the other chocolates in their freezer to post here. I was told that their deliveries come in once a week on Wednesdays (that was just yesterday!). Does that mean I need to be there early next Wednesday to make sure I'm first in line???

Photo credit : DessertComesFirst

Sunday Family Style : Crustasia's Thai Shrimp Resto

Last Sunday's family dinner was held in honor of Anissa, who passed her cheerleader tryouts a few days prior. Our choice was Crustasia's Thai Shrimp House on the 6th level of Shang Mall.

The Menu:
Appetizer - Thai Fish Pancake
Soup - Tom Yum Goong (no photo)
Main Dishes -
Crispy Garoupa with Garlic Pepper Sauce
Live Clams Black Bean Sauce
Seafood Paella in Bamboo
Kangkong Lechon

Will be writing a separate review on the food but everyone was happy with the orders in general. The service was also not bad. Kaya lang we had to sit outside because all the tables inside were occupied and I didn't really like the fact that people kept passing by.

Afterwards, we asked Anissa to choose a prize for her awesome achievement. She immediately said she wanted a jacket, something athletic to go with her new title and cheerleader status hehehe. Check out the solo pic of her wearing the jacket she herself chose.

Sungit DM and happy Sabine

Lovey dovey with Lolo

Anissa --- the night's honoree

DH another sungit face

My happy girls

Sporting her new Adidas track jacket

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Typhoon Frank was a huge threat that electricity, heavy rains and nasty winds, flooding everywhere! Who would have imagined that this airport-themed party would be this successful against all these odds???

My friend, Jin must have literally stormed the gates of heaven praying for the weather to cooperate. Who wouldn't? It was her Fonzie's Christening Day and 1st Birthday Party. I know for a fact from talking to Jin that so much was done to prepare for this big day. She and sister, Marnie are known to be gifted with the talent for organizing and cooking up special themed gatherings so I knew for sure this party would be another great showcase of their talent!

Personalized Boarding Pass Invites --- cool huh?

Passports for the kids, which they presented at the "Immigration Area"
and contained all the stubs for their freebies

Airplane-shaped cookie pops

Yummy cupcakes (I'm guessing the goodies were made by Kitchen Krafts)

Thanks to my pasmado hands, this picture turned out to be a flop
But I'm sure you can still tell that the cake had lots of
little details that made it so nice to look at

Sabine really loved this plane which hung like a chandelier from the ceiling

That's the handsome little celebrant looking dapper in his pilot get-up

Venue was decorated generously in primary colors

Happy happy Mommies who enjoyed pigging out
on all the great food--- Brenda and myself

My girls had fun!

Carrie came with her Mr Big hehehe

Other tablemates : Baghags Rica, Dennis and Brenda
(look at all those candy wrappers and the guilty smiles LOL)

All in all, I have to say this was one of the best and most well-thought of parties I've ever been invited to and attended. I can't believe the kind of work that was put into preparing it. Only a super devoted and uber talented Mom like Jin can pull this off.

Congratulations, Jin, on a job well done. You showed Typhoon Frank a thing or two about perseverance, faith and positivity! I could never have done something like this myself!

Post script : I feel bad for not being able to take pics of all that delicious food. I totally forgot to because I was too busy trying everything out!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oil oil go away!

Okay this is an old problem I'm going to talk about. It's something I have desperately tried to find a solution for and sadly, I am still clueless to this day about what to do. I used to have combination skin but as I got older, I noticed how more oily my skin has become. It's really a hassle, especially if you like having your pictures taken a lot hahaha! My main problem areas are my T-zone and my eyelids. All it takes is a little heat and face looks like a frying pan! Pass the eggs please!

I've tried so many products to help resolve this problem to no avail. Name it, I've probably tried it --- well, maybe not the super expensive brands because I'm really not a skincare junkie and I would feel terribly depressed if I had to spend so much on anything skincare related. But none of them have given me the kind of results I'm looking for. There are a couple of them who were able to satisfy me, although the feeling was shortlived because all they did was to just delay the appearance of oily skin. Eventually, my skin turned oily pa rin. That's why Clean and Clear became my bestfriend. I had finally given up on the search for a product and settled for blotting paper instead. I can't leave home without it and I even have a couple of unopened packs in my dresser drawer because I'm afraid to run out of them.

I continue to wonder though if there is a "miracle" product out there...something I haven't heard of nor tried that might be the answer to my woes??? I don't know and I'm too lazy to look for it. Will primer do the trick? If so...which brand does the job?

They say ignorance is bliss. In this case though, I think not. Help!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Spotted @ SM Hypermart

Saturday was grocery day. We always choose SM Hypermart over all the other supermarkets nearby (i.e., Unimart or Pioneer Center) because of the many options available that you don't really find elsewhere.

Just look at these...

Chicken parts in various marinades for different cooking styles

On sticks for the kids

Potatoes!!! In all shapes and sizes (I got the Twister fries and Hash Browns)

Chicken in Pandan leaves???

Plus all you need for a Shabu Shabu dinner at home!

The only downside is it's so easy end up buying stuff that's not on your grocery list hehehe! Guilty!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Ice Cream Bar --- Round 2!

DH was intrigued when I told him about my first time here with the girls so he didn't waste a minute. We were back there last night to welcome the weekend with these great-tasting stuff!

As expected, he ordered his favorite Banana Split

And this time I tried their Soft Serve Yogurt (with mangoes, dark chocolate chips, marshmallows and strawberry syrup --- my own concoction hehehe!)

My niece Gia had the Mangga at Suman --- too bad I didn't get to try it

After she had her Caramel Sundae, Anissa declared that she was still hungry and ordered this Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich with real, honest to goodness potato chips (we asked for an extra order of this plus a Creamy Garlic Dip)

This little one just ate off of everyone's orders