Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sabine's 7th (Rating) : Verleo Catering

First time to get Verleo to cater, but I've been to parties they've catered, heard and read many good reviews about their food and service. So when Olive of Let's Party said this was the caterer she was going for (rate included in Let's Party's package), I immediately told her I was all for it. 

The Menu

Fried Rice
Pasta Carbonara
Garlic Fried Chicken
Buttered Vegetables
Fish Fillet w/ Lemon Butter Sauce
The famous Verleo Mango Crepe! 

They also provided the tulle ribbons for the chairs, of course. See photos here

I didn't choose a separate buffet selection for the kids anymore and it's a good thing I did that, because we would have a problem with the space otherwise. Besides, Verleo is good. It doesn't really matter how many menus you go for. 

Like I said, I didn't talk to Verleo directly. It was Let's Party who dealt with them for me, because the caterer was part of Let's Party's package. But you can always go to their website to look at their menus and inquire about their rates. 

Rating : 4 stars! Food is always soooooo important in any party. You don't want people remembering that you served yucky food, do you? I'm so OC about that!

This is what happens at my kids' parties ... I don't get to eat. This time though, I had a few bites of the Pasta Carbonara and the Fish Fillet w/ Lemon Butter Sauce --- nom nom nom! I also HAD to have the Mango Crepe, of course. Still a winner after all these years!

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