Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sabine's 7th (Rating) : Dessert Station by Design Avenue

I looked high and low for someone to do the dessert station for the party. I went through forums and reviews and managed to note down a few suppliers. In all fairness to these suppliers, their rates were good enough to consider. But the reason I went with Kris Pestanas-Lopez of Design Avenue is that she's Olive Q.'s (owner of Let's Party) sister. This was a no-brainer! Getting a sister tandem made a lot of sense to me. They've been working on parties together and can read each other's minds. 

I didn't meet Kris until the day of the party itself. I talked to Olive the whole time and Olive took charge of relaying all my requests to Kris. Despite this odd arrangement, everything went so well. 

The dessert station was the party's main attraction. I know because I can't remember how many of the guests complimented the set-up and asked me who did it. 

Mini cupcakes, macarons, meringue, eclairs, mallow pops, cream puffs, assorted candies and gummies PLUS the simple yet flirty, ruffled birthday cake. These are what Kris included in the package, other than the lovely styling. 

Details details details ... I can't stress enough how important details are --- in anything! It's the details that make a huge difference. 

Everything looked so pretty. So perfect. 

The station was a photographer's dream. That's why Jet Lamosa of For Keeps (official photog who's going to get his own spanking review later!) was able to churn out all these lovely photos of the table and everything on it. I joked Kris about having to keep an eye out for all the accessories which party guests might think are for taking home with them hihihi!

Unfortunately for me, other than the birthday cake which I had a slice of, I didn't get to taste any of it. It was enough to know though, that way before the party ended, the set up was totally devoid of food hahaha. The kids raided it even before they went to the main buffet set-up by Verleo. The table looked like a typhoon had swept through it. In fact, that OC 2nd person who lives somewhere inside this body wanted to clean things up immediately after the last kid left the area. Don't worry, I walked away and let Kris and Olive do their thing. I didn't want to be that client from h*ll. :))

It's been 4 days since the day of the party and I still haven't stopped staring at these photos. I wish I had the creative knack to go into a business as creative as this. Kris is super talented and super hands on! 

Rating : 4 stars for Kris and her staff for being so involved in everything
Rate : My lips are sealed hehe! (ask me in private if you wish)

Contact Kris Pestanas-Lopez of Design Avenue via their Facebook page

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