Saturday, May 4, 2013

Spotted Online : Oryspa's Rice Water Aromatic Essence

I saw this via a blog whose owner I can't even remember anymore :) 

That was around last year, but even before I could go to the nearest Echostore to buy a bottle, a friend already gave me one (plus their massage oil) soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Oryspa carries spa products that have rice bran as its main ingredient. According to their website, "rice bran is high in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B which are natural anti-oxidants. 

Used my Samsung Galaxy Note II to create this

This is my 3rd bottle. When I like the smell of something, I really stick to it for a while. I don't like strong scents so I'm not really a perfume person. Colognes and EDTs are more my thing. Yeah, I think my nose has always been over-sensitive. 

The 30ml bottle is also the perfect size to be carried around. P295 for this. Not bad, right? 

(I buy mine from Echostore branches but you can purchase online.)

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