Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flutter False Eyelashes

I've always had this stupid fear of wearing false eyelashes. I know that the benefits of wearing them are numerous. First of all, you don't need to do much with your eyes when you have them on. That's an instant awesome transformation right there. If it's a really special event you're going to, this adds so much oomph to your look. Okay ... maybe the proper term is intimidated. I've always felt this way about them, simply because I'm no make-up maven and I always end up going for the simplest look whenever I do my own face. Lazy? Maybe. Lack of skill? Definitely.

You know what they say though. You have to face your fears LOL. So one day, I bit the bullet and went shopping in Sophie's Beauty and Minerals and after consulting with her on the best option, I clicked "check out" and that was that.

These are Flutter False Eyelashes, all 10 pairs of them in one box for just Php 350. You can't go wrong with that, can you? They're also re-usable, if you take care of them. It took me a while to try them on even after they were delivered to me. Uhm ... yeah, I think a good month or so. That's how intimidated I was about putting them on. And even when I finally did, it took me a good half hour to finally say,
"I did it!!!"

I didn't go anywhere special that night, just to a simple dinner to see my SIL off before she want back to her overseas assignment after being here for a few days. But atleast I knew how to do them and I can safely say, I can probably do it in less than half an hour next time.

I'm not so sure if Sophie's still selling them but you can ask. This is truly value for money!

By the way, Flutter has several kinds of eyelashes depending on your need or fancy. But being a newbie, I opted to get them in Natural Flair.


  1. Ako rin. Really intimidated with falsies. I think I'd go as far as having my lashes curled! Such a wimp heehee

  2. Haha I'm not alone pala :D There was a time when I got eyelash extensions, and kept getting them for over a year. Never tried perming though.