Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sabine's 7th (Rating) : For Keeps Photography

Other than food, this is the one thing I won't compromise. There is no way it's going to work if you ask a family member or a friend to do it for free or as pakiusap. Of course they're going to agree to doing it. But the output will be a story you don't want to be looking at. Trust me, I've done it before. You have to pay for the service to get the kind of output you expect. In my case, I want a photographer to be : hardworking, creative and on a personal level, very easy to deal with. 

I honestly didn't know where to start when I was looking for one. I was afraid someone might recommend a really expensive photographer or outfit. I've seen what the rates are like these days and even those for kiddie parties make me dizzy! Whaaaaaaat??? 35k for a 7th birthday package??? I won't mention the photographer's name but I've seen his work and he's good. I'm just not in a position to shell out that much just for photography. I don't think that kind of fee will ever sit well with me hihi!

Anyway, I came across FOR KEEPS in old reliable GirlTalk, where I spent many many years posting my opinon, advice and making friends. There's an entire board that's dedicated to topics pertaining to kiddie parties. I clicked on the Photo and Video thread and the rest is history.

It was Jet Lamosa who responded to my text -- very promptly, I was impressed from the start. We exchanged a couple of messages and in no time, I received a detailed emailed proposal from him. Even more impressed! Basically, all it took was a few email messages and we were all set. My gut feel talaga is always so spot on. I felt comfortable even if we were communicating only via texts and emails.

There are sooooo many photos from the party and I had a hard time choosing the best ones to showcase in this post. Here you go!

Venue styling and set-up
People shots 
More people shots

My favorite of them all ... the candid shots!

Jet is hardworking. He was all over the place! Mind you, he covered Sabine's party alone. Just look at these outdoor shots.

For your appreciation, here are the package inclusions:

Maximum 4 hours coverage
50 pcs 5R size matte finish prints
6 x 8 photo book
All photos in large digital format stored in DVD/CD medium as proof
Free editing of photos
Free delivery via courier

All for the very reasonable price of Php 3,500. The main perk though is that Jet was so easy to talk to. No fuss, no headaches. I'm so happy with our over-all experience with Jet of FOR KEEPS.

If you wish to contact and book them (please do, you won't regret it!) : 

Thank you, FOR KEEPS and Jet, for all these wonderful photos! 

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