Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Are We Ready For College?

Again I ask, "where did the time go?". 

My big girl and her friends are going to enroll in (college) review classes this summer, in preparation for taking college/university entrance exams this coming school year. 

WHAT???? Don't ask me how that happened because I don't have the answer.

On Facebook tonight, people kept sharing this photo from GMA News, which really stared back at me

These are very serious numbers hahaha. That's very nervous laughter for you right there. I think they updated the figures though, because DLSU can't be this inexpensive (I wish it were though). The minimum for DLSU is now at 50-65k. All I can say is ... how on earth do parents with 4 or more children do it??? 

So far, Anissa has 2 choices : UP and DLSU. If she had a 3rd, it would be CSB. These choices are based on the courses that she has in mind. Her courses are based on her interests and her strengths. I'm glad she sat down with me to discuss these as early as maybe a couple of years ago. She remains decided and hasn't changed her mind. I'm all for what she wants to take up because I'm of the belief that it's really entirely up to the student, not the parents. 

I feel old! I really do. I can't believe I'll have a college student next year (and a 3rd grader, too haha). Another adventure, another world. While I'm nervous for us, her Dad and I, I can't deny that I'm truly excited for her. 

So help us, God! :D


  1. My mom always believed in the saying 'God always provides' She said that, that saying was always truthful whenever it was enrollment time with me and my twin brother.

    I'm excited for you narin tuloy! Pero alam mo, at the same time, it breaks my heart din kasi ... adult na siya.. It means, we'd need to let her go and spread her wings..

    Shet, ganito pala ang feeling ng mga mommies natin..

    1. My Mom will give your Mom a high five for that! Pero it's really true naman. With prayers kahit ano kayang-kaya.

      I'm excited for her but scared ... super scared. Dadaanin ko talaga sa matinding dasal!

  2. OHHH... sulit si nanay sa akin... 350 lang kami dati sa PUP. Pag enrollment, binibigyan ako ng 500 kasama na ang pamasahe sa tuition. haha!!