Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Take : Goody Spin Pins

I finally gave in and bought these last Sunday. Unfortunately, the store (PcX in Rockwell) didn't have the big ones and the brunette variant, so I had to settle with a set of mini pins (3 pieces) and the lighter-colored ones that are supposedly for blondes. Not a major issue, if you ask me. Especially since these are supposed to stay hidden within your hair. 

I know I took a picture of the box before I opened it but sadly, it's not in my phone's memory card anymore. I must've deleted it somehow. Here's a photo I grabbed from Google. 

The Minis come in a set of 3 and are actually ideal for top buns which are made with only half your head of hair as shown on the box. But I use them to make a whole bun and it's not an issue. My hair isn't thick at all that's why. 

I have to be totally honest though. I attempted to do the bun a total of 10 TIMES before I finally got it right. For some reason, my bun wouldn't stay put. The box says the coils shouldn't interact with each other while in use. I guess that's one of the reasons it didn't work at first. I couldn't find the right spot to coil them into and they just kept running into each other. I was totally frustrated and p*ssed off by the time I yelled, "finally!!!"  I guess it's also more challenging for people like me who have layered hair because twisting the hair into the bun could take a bit of effort. 

Nothing wrong with the product itself. You really just need to get the hang of it first and make sure you find the right spots to position them in. 

Today, I had a much easier time doing this bun. Only 2 attempts LOL!

Mine always ends up messy even if I don't try too hard because of the layers

Here's another photo under natural lighting so it also shows my hair color (which I totally love)

See how those loose strands show on the sides and especially on the bottom? It didn't take any effort at all on my part to make them look that way. Again, it's the layers. 

I'm a lot less obsessive compulsive about my rebonded hair nowadays so I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be using these a lot. I think they're a lot kinder than rubber ties/ponytail holders. 


  1. these are interesting hair products to try, good to know you've mastered them na lol. i can relate to your frustration! i have bumpits but cannot make it work until now haha.

  2. Today wasn't a good day. I kept doing it over and over again and it just wouldn't work. LOL.

  3. I gave up on these! I have super thick hair - thick strands and lots of it and my buns would never stay in place no matter how many times I tried. Frustrating for sure!

  4. Awww...I'm sorry to hear that. There are days when I still can't get it right and I don't have thick hair.