Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things that remind me of my childhood

Since I'm turning 43 in a few days, I got to thinking ...

Time is fleeting. I can't believe I'm in mid-life stage. I feel like I was transported to where I am now so quickly. I really am a grown-up. Not that I didn't realize it ages ago. It's just that when you're around your teenager's friends and they call you "Tita" or say, "Good evening PO, Tita", the reality of growing old really tends to hit you and HARD.

Recently, my brother and I were exchanging childhood memories while both online in Facebook. We posted photos on our respective walls and tagged each other.  It was fun recalling all the carefree days spent as children growing up with many other cousins our age.

Some very vivid memories of my childhood include

Ballet classes 
I think I started taking them at age 7 or 8 and continued until I was about 16.
My Mom was a ballet dancer. In fact, she started teaching at the age of 16.
Unfortunately, I didn't get to the teaching part. I gave it up for Jazz classes.
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Weekends at my grandparents'
My Lolo and Lola on my Mom's side had a huge house in Cubao, with a pool that was big enough to fit all the grandchildren who were based locally. There were about a 8-10 of us back then. Saturdays were always spent at that house and I always looked forward to jumping into the pool and playing rough games with the boys, who always succeeded in making me cry.
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The Magnolia Ice Cream House on Aurora Blvd.
After swimming, Lolo would normally take us here for merienda. I can still remember my default order : a strawberry sundae with extra marshmallows. Unfortunately, this structure no longer exists and Magnolia Ice Cream doesn't taste the same. Peace out :)
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Yes, this is what Rustan's looked like when I was a kid. Sundays were always spent here with my Dad, Mom and brother. This is where we bought our groceries weekly and where I would usually buy my birthday and Christmas outfits. I don't remember frequenting any other department store back then.
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WOW. There's actually a lot more.
Kimpura Restaurant. Alemar's Bookstore. Rizal Theater. Quad Cinema. Bon Appetit. Magnolia Twin Popsies and Ice Cream Sandwich. Homemade birthday parties (complete with the cotton candy and Magnolia carts), balloons and giveaways from Popoy's Toy Balloons in QC, cake from Goldilocks.

I can go on and on. But this should do for now. My kids are in awe whenever I tell them stories from my childhood. They say no wonder they like going out a lot on weekends, because that's how I spent my growing up years, too. I'd be lying if I say I don't miss those days. But I'm thankful I have so much to look back on. Advanced happy 43rd to me!

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