Sunday, November 27, 2011

Milky and Sunny : Feels Like Home

This is (to say the least) a long overdue post. I've been to Milky and Sunny a few times since it opened. It's amazing to see how this new place has become so popular since their first day. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter, it's now probably the most popular food joint in the Kapitolyo, Pasig area.

I'm sorry if these pictures disappoint. I didn't have my Lumix GF2 with me the times I was there so I had to make do with my old BB Torch's camera. These are just some of the food items in their menu that I've personally tried

Bananarama Pancakes, P140.00
I wish I had enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this (despite the fact that I remember us having this as a finale to our meal). I'm a fan of anything that's banana and peanut butter combined. I don't exactly know what made it crunchy in some parts but I totally enjoyed it!

Eggs Benedict, P150.00
Seriously.. this is so much goodness packed into a meal. Anissa ordered this because my girls are egg-lovers. After finishing the order, she didn't have any room left to try anything else. I say WIN!

Red and Green Bell Pepper, Potatoes and Sausage Omelette P130.00
Are you believing how friendly the prices are so far?
This was really good too.

Choco Marble Warble, P120.00
My friend's not-so-little girl ordered this so I didn't get to try it. But I trust a kid when she says it's really yummy!

Breakfast Enchiladas P200.00
Blame me for being a bottomless pit and not even knowing what goes into my mouth. I don't and can't remember what's inside the enchiladas.

Corned Beef Rice and Egg Meal P120.00
If you're hungrier than you initially thought, you can also choose more items to go with your order and get one of their Big Breakfast Plates for P250.00
(includes hash potatoes other than what you see in the picture)

Bacon Tostadas, P100.00
We had two orders of this!

Tapa Rice and Egg Meal, P160
Naturally, I had to leave the best for last
I am a true blue Beef Tapa lover so I couldn't pass on the chance to try this
Please don't be fooled, the Tapa looks minimal in the pic because I had been eating it when I realized I hadn't taken a photo. The tapa serving is more generous than what you see.
I keep going back for this!

These next few photos will show you why the place feels like home
(photos are from Milky & Sunny's Facebook page)

I promise to take more photos with my Lumix next time I visit the place. I can't wait to try out the other stuff I've only seen in pictures so far.

Visit Milky & Sunny at #9 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig
Follow them on Twitter : @milkynsunny
Or look them up on Facebook for more info


  1. looks yumm! and the interiors are cute :D

  2. Really good food, you should visit when you're in the area.

  3. Hi Patty,

    Thank you for writing about Milky & Sunny!

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