Saturday, May 4, 2013

How was your Friday?

If I were to sum it up in one word? TOXIC. 

Anissa and I left the house before 9am because her dance class all the way in QC was at 10. We got there early, but along Edsa I saw the sign. There's going to be a Mega 3-day sale this weekend. It was like a premonition of sorts. Since Anissa's class was going to be over in 1.5 hours and it was a Friday (Metro Manila peeps, you know what this means right?), I decided to just stay in the area and wait. Anissa suggested Centris. I was like ... what? where? I found it nonetheless and was pleasantly surprised. It was so early, most of the restos were still closed but I found my way to Pancake House because unlike the rest, they were already serving breakfast at this time. 

I don't like fancy waffles. This is always what I get when I'm in one of my breakfast moods. The Golden Brown.

Soon enough, the 1.5 hrs was up and I had to leave. By this time, I knew that traffic was already bad because people were tweeting about it. Before I left Centris Walk, I spotted an Echostore! It was already 11am so they were open. As always, I can't ever leave an Echostore without buying anything. It's really one of my favorite stores to waste time in, and yet, it never feels like a waste being there. So much useful stuff to buy. I didn't find anything new, just replenished a couple of things I always get from them. 

And then the nightmare began! Traffic jams everywhere! I picked up Anissa and her friend Denise and had to take them to Katipunan for review classes. We passed through Quezon Ave and then UP but crawled almost all the way to Loyola Heights. Horrors!!! It was not the day to not have a driver but that was the sad fact ... I didn't have a driver yesterday. After dropping them both off, I had to call the house to tell Mama (thank God she was in my neck of the woods yesterday) to please go ahead to Power Plant with Sabine because she was graduating from the McDonald's Kiddie Crew program at 2pm. It was 1:15 and I was (again) crawling on Meralco Avenue approaching Shaw Blvd in Pasig. DAMMIT. I was going to be late to my own daughter's "graduation". I had to stop myself several times from swearing out loud in the car. Even the car's air-conditioning was acting up because it was just too hot outside. I finally got home, made a quick change of clothes and headed quickly to Power Plant Mall. This time, no traffic jams ALLELUIA! 

I literally plopped on one of the chairs in McDonald's and was just so glad I made it in time to see all the important parts of the afternoon's ceremonies. We made it back home sometime around 5:30pm. I was never happier seeing my bed! Took a quick nap which I didn't have to force myself into, and after dinner, N and I were off to our weekly bible study group, just 3 doors away from where we stay. 

What an exhausting Friday. Yes, I hate Metro Manila traffic just like the rest of Metro Manila does. I'm just so happy I ended the day well. 

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