Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sabine's 7th (Ratings) : Venue and Venue Styling

I can finally start writing my supplier reviews and share my ratings. First of all, it's never easy to plan and organize a party, more so if it's as special as the one we just had. 

Because I planned the party sometime end of February, giving me only about 2 months to do everything, we had a difficult time securing a suitable venue. It's a good thing Olive Quiroga of Let's Party (who was my official party planner), suggested the Arcadia Subdivision Clubhouse. Arcadia is the really low-key village beside Corinthian Gardens on Ortigas Avenue. Although it was Olive who booked the venue for me, I was able to meet and talk briefly to their Admin person, Vicky, during my ocular inspection. She was accommodating, pleasant and reassuring. Staff were also present during the party to help out.

The kids were able to access the playground area on the side, which made all of them so happy. Our official photographer was able to run after them and take many outdoor shots. 

We had approximately 130 guests and we all fit comfortably (not elbow to elbow) in the venue. The place wasn't THAT big, so it really looked like soooo many people came to celebrate with us. 

Olive really kept her word on the decorations we talked about and agreed on. The colors I wanted were all there, the backdrop was HUGE, not "tinipid" like many others I've seen. The backdrop occupied the entire wall behind the stage area. 

I know that the backdrop was a hit because many of our guests had their photos taken there repeatedly. Even the requisite group family/friends photos - which I make sure we have during my kids' parties -  were shot in that specific area.

This is the 2nd part of the venue, an adjacent room for more guests. This room leads directly to the pool area (which is not part of the rental fee). 

On to the venue styling c/o Let's Party. Olive Q. was introduced to me by Nikka. Apparently, they're very good friends and Olive has done all of Nikka's kids' parties so far. I've never met a party planner I didn't like, but Olive is so far the nicest of them all. I chose a FRENCH PATISSERIE theme, instead of the usual character-centered one.

The venue (as you can see in the photos) ended up being well-dressed without looking over the top. While it's nice to be all-out when it comes to decorations, I really would rather have it this way. Sometimes it just becomes too much to take in and absorb, you end up not appreciating it so much.

Eeeeep! I almost forgot about the centerpiece! Because the theme was French Patisserie, the teapot and tea cup centerpiece was the perfect choice.

And now the ratings (drum roll please?) : 

Venue - Arcadia Subdivision Clubhouse : 4 stars (no such thing as perfect kasi hihihi)
Rental fee : 10k plus 5k security deposit (refundable)

Venue Styling and Decor - Olive Quiroga of Let's Party : 4 stars
Rate : My lips are sealed :) 

Contact details for those who are interested (and I highly recommend that you consider them):

Venue - to follow later, because Olive was the one who took care of this for me

You can visit Let's Party's Facebook page at or contact Olive at 0917 8298428 or email address

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