Sunday, October 21, 2007

Food Review : Taste Asia @ SM Hypermart, Pasig

We've eaten here a few times after doing the groceries but tonight was the first time we tried the Chinese Station in the food court. My DF just LOVES Chinese food to death and he came up with this bright idea because we found ourselves stuck in the area due to the sudden downpour and didn't know where else to grab Chinese food.

He bought fresh seafood and had them cooked to his liking (the shrimp came straight from an aquarium). I just loved everything we had! Turns out the cook is Chinese --- no wonder!

These shrimps were so fat and juicy!

Super healthy and piping hot Clam Soup

Really fresh Broccoli with lots of garlic

An all-time favorite - Sweet and Sour Pork

Steamed Fish with Tausi

The Sunday food court crowd

If you're ever in the area, you should really try SM Hypermart's food court because it's unlike the ones other malls have. There's also a Savory Chicken restaurant on the main floor, which wasn't there the last time. I would've wanted to eat there but there was a long wait for a table. The place was jampacked even as we were about to leave at around 9pm!


  1. where in pasig is hypermart??? lost na ang balikbayan mong kaibigan :)

  2. Hindi mo na yan naabutan. Are you still familiar with Julia Vargas? The side entrance is along that street, near Valle Verde. But technically, SM Hypermart faces C5. I really like going there. Sige pag uwi mo kain tayo ni Meeshel sa food court =)

  3. yes i think i know where it is!!! :) meeshel works in ortigas diba?

  4. fish looks good... ummmm.... lotsa garlic!

  5. Yes, the fish was sooooo good especially with all that garlic!