Sunday, December 18, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new

A few days ago, I made a difficult decision to let go of something I've gotten so used to and one of my favorite things to bring around. I've been a Blackberry user for a few years now and I've said again and again ... I wouldn't give it up for an iPhone because Blackberry Messenger is such a useful tool for me. Not to mention the fact that I'm so used to texting with a keyboard. N recently gifted me with a Blackberry 9900 for my birthday. He was secretly hoping I would ask for the iPhone 4 but I stood my ground. He gave me what I wanted despite his slight disappointment hehe. 

I used it with such ease and comfort. This was my favorite Blackberry model so far. But alas, all good things must come to an end. My love affair with Blackberry ended a few days ago. It was a really difficult choice, but my back was against the wall on this one. I had given up on my telco service provider's inability to explain to me why I was still getting GPRS charges despite the fact that I never use my phone to surf when I'm at home, which is like 80% of the time. Charges of Php 7,000 per billing cycle? It's totally ridiculous and I would never ever pay for it because I know they don't deserve my hard-earned money. After weeks of asking them to resolve this complaint, I'm still waiting and in fact, my postpaid line has died in the process (another story). 

Anyway, much to my extreme disappointment I had no choice but to switch phones. N was a Blackberry user for a little over a year and had the exact same issue I'm dealing with now. The minute he switched to an iPhone, the billing problems stopped. I get so stressed out everytime I talk to someone from the service provider so despite the heavy heart, I chose to solve my problem my way.

Enter my new friend
I was excited to see it when N surprised me on the same day I made the decision (that's how excited he is about me making the big switch!). In fact, he lied about sending the driver on an errand when in fact, the driver was picking up the phone from his contact in Greenhills. 

I've been using it for 5 days now and okay, I 'll admit ... it ain't so bad. I used to say I don't like touch screens because I text really fast and this feature would "cramp my style". But the people other than N who've been convincing me to get the iPhone were right. It just takes some getting used to. While I really, really miss my old friend (we sold it to its new owner last Friday - that was quick!), I'm slowly liking the iPhone 4s. Nope, I don't use Siri that much. I still think I can do without her. Sabine though, thinks of her as a playmate, especially when we're in the car and stuck in traffic LOL.

Just to clarify though ... I still think there's nothing like Blackberry Messenger. I keep waiting for my BBM alert to go off because I'm so used to chatting with friends there. Now I feel like an outcast. 

iPhone 4s ... you have a tough job ahead of you.
But thanks to my darling N as always for the early Christmas present.

iPhone 4/4s users ... what apps and accessories are "must haves"? 

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  1. I wish I can given an idea but I'm just as clueless hahaha