Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What To Wear With Mint Jeans

Been slightly obsessing with mint-colored jeans lately. I haven't seen a pair that I really like and when I did see one recently, the store didn't have it in my size - bummer.

So yeah, I'm still looking for that perfect pair that will call out to me from the window and won't ever want to let go. I think it's long overdue, all the attention that this color is getting right now. So I'm crossing my fingers that it will stay for a while.

I've also been obsessed with collages lately hee hee. So here are some outfit ideas I put together while trying to find sleep last night...

A loose white cotton top, natural-colored sandals and a pop of color in your bag (that Proenza looks so yummy in coral arghhhhhh). I'd definitely wear this on a Saturday or Sunday, regardless of what I'm doing. It's such a laid back weekend look. 

Neutral-colored sleeved top (tucked in), a black work bag like the Givenchy Pandora and leopard print slippers like Steve Madden's. Perfect for a Friday casual day work look (if your work environment will allow). Just throw on some accessories and you're ready for a night out with girlfriends or your significant other.

And finally, if you need to go somewhere that requires you to look a bit sophisticated but not too formal, this would look really appropriate. I would really wear this myself. The silk top by Stella McCartney is a dream! It's girly but not over-the-top. A small clutch like Balenciaga's will be perfect so you don't wrinkle or steal attention away from that beautiful top with a shoulder sling. The dangling turquoise earrings and perhaps a nice cocktail ring to match will do as accessories. No necklace please because like I said, the blouse is too beautiful, it deserves to be stared at the whole time. The gold YSL Tribute Sandals (high heeled) complete this elegant yet still understated ensemble. I really really like it!

Whoever said jeans are strictly for casual occasions is wrong. I have to disagree. Needless to say, you don't wear jeans to a wedding or an affair that requires you to be in semi-formal (at the very least) clothing. But jeans have come a long way from being tagged as just a weekend piece. 

That is why I have tons of them in my closet haha.

Which ensemble is your favorite?

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