Thursday, May 10, 2012


I'm still a bit starstruck after the event I went to yesterday.

That's Judy Ann Santos in the green dress and of course, my good friend, Pia M. We were at M Cafe for the Absolute Mom Awards hosted by Absolute Drinking Water. Pia, along with 4 other well-known Moms were recognized for their accomplishments as mothers. FMF received a cheque donation for being Pia's chosen charity/foundation, so I had to go up on stage to get it (horrors ... I hate being in the spotlight, seriously). But thank you, thank you for this blessing and honor!

Now back to Juday. I was in awe the minute I saw her. I'm not much of a showbiz person. I don't really watch teleseryes or talk shows, but seeing her made my jaw drop. So pretty in person! She also recently lost around 50 lbs by going on the Cohen Diet and doing Barre 3. Amazing dedication. It all paid off. She looked awesome. Literally.

Since we were in the area and had some time to spare, we headed over to Greenbelt 5 to find a place to sit, have coffee, eat and chat. 

Classic Confections was our next stop. Look at these pretty, pretty cookies! My favorite was the popcorn. I didn't buy it though, because I'm not really a cookie fan. 

This was more my type

Butter Cupcake with Buttercream Icing
Did someone say butter? Hee hee.

Koi got the Opera Torte

And this was Pia's Mango Panna Cotta

The icing on all these desserts was, of course ...

The company

Oh but seriously, there is never a dull moment with these two. Can't wait for the next sesh!


  1. Grabe, Cohen is so galing! My brothers friend lost 100 lbs. on that diet.

  2. True! A good friend also lost 90 lbs but skin didn't sag at all.