Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back to life, back to reality and DH's challenging day!

It was back to work for me today. I was actually looking forward to it until I got a text message around 7am that my household help (the reliever) would not be able to make it. WHAAAAT??? The first thing I thought to myself was ... wow, when is all this ever going to end? Fortunately, DH is still on a self-imposed break from work so atleast I could rest easy with that thought. But wait...didn't I just say in my previous entry that he is absolutely, 101% clueless about taking care of kids? Waaahhhh! Then it dawned on me...I had to be at work (couldn't afford to take the day off) and he was going to be left behind at home with both kids. I wondered if that was even a good idea hahaha!

Before I left the house he admitted that he didn't want to give Sabine a bath. See? That's how clueless he is. So I said fine...if I have to worry about Sabine slipping in the tub because he doesn't know what to do, I'd rather come home later today and find her all stinky (I didn't relish the thought of that but didn't want to force him either). Then he had a lightbulb moment and called his younger sister to ask if we could borrow her help just for today. Hooray! He was off the hook hehehe!

I had a difficult time focusing on work in the office as I would have these images of him and the kids causing so much chaos at home and me coming home exhausted and having to clean up all the mess they made. I called to check from time to time and they were okay. Then around before lunch he was calling my cellphone and sounded a bit panicky...Hon, where is Sabine's shampoo??? (I swear I heard his voice tremble a bit) I told him to use the J&J blue bottle in the girls' bathroom and heard Sabine shouting in the background. She sounded like she was having fun! Poor Daddy was panicking while little girl remained oblivious hehehe. I asked him what happened and what made him decide to "take the plunge" and give Sabine a bath and I forgot what he actually answered but it definitely sounded defensive hehehe.

To cut a long story short...I did go home to a messy house...err, more like a messy girls' bathroom. Proof of his "struggle" was all over the place : Sabine's dirty pajamas on the floor, the opened J&J bottle in the shower stall, the left foot of her sandals near the toilet bowl and the other one by the door. Hahahahaha! All this 5 or 6 hours after she was bathed! I tried to imagine what it must have been like for him but when I asked him...How'd it go at bathtime, Hon? He simply (and cockily) replied, No biggie. She was a good girl. NAKS...pero hindi nya ako maloloko. He was lying through his teeth I didn't say anything, though I couldn't help but snicker to myself. Sige na nga, I'll give him the benefit of allowing himself to believe it was a piece of cake. Hahaha!



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