Saturday, January 26, 2008

My tweener hates me for stalking her hahaha!

That's my current status on Yahoo Messenger. It's been my status since DH and I got home at lunchtime from Anissa's school fair. We went there in the morning to watch her gymnastics performance. As always, she asked to be allowed to hang out with friends the whole day 'til after 5pm. No problem. She's been doing this for the past 2 years and I don't have qualms about it because they're inside school premises anyway.

Today though, after the show she couldn't find her friends right away and I was worried because her friends were holding on to her stuff, including her wallet and money. DH and I had planned on making the round of the food stalls because we were hungry and then head back home because it was just TOO HOT to stick around. When I turned to see where Anissa was, she was gone! To be fair, she said some kind of tentative "bye, i'll go look for my friends na" but I was in the middle of my sentence when I discovered that she had run off. DH said sige na let her na anyway she's more familiar with these surroundings than we are. It's not like we're in the mall or some other public place. Okay that made me shut up. We started walking, trying to figure out whether we wanted Barbecue, Shawarma, Hotdog, Corn on the Cob, Quickly, Potato Corner or one of the many rice meals that were being sold. (Sidenote: kaya naman pala dapat 500 ang baon, iba na ang fair ngayon. I remember I had very little choices during my time)

Then I spotted Anissa at the Dedication Booth. I walked up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder with a huge "pang asar" smile on my face, she turned around and gave me this, Mom-what-are-you-doing-here??? expression. I asked if she had found her friends already and she said not yet, she was going to have them paged. DH and I hung around and she began to wonder whether we were planning to do that til her friends arrived. I told her...what if you get hungry or thirsty? Your money is with your friends so I'll keep you company in case you want to buy something and they're not here yet, okay? Then DH said...hey, who's gonna put lampin on your back when you sweat? Doesn't Mommy do that all the time? Eh it's so hot pa naman that's why Mommy and I are here...we just want to make sure you're not mapapawisan. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA By this time, she was in total disbelief and looked as if she wanted to start begging me to please please please go away. Okay fine...DH pulled me away from there before things got ugly. We found a spot beside the guy selling the Corn on the Cob meters away from the Dedication Booth and I sat there craning my neck for the next 5 minutes to try and catch a glimpse of Anissa. DH was laughing and shaking his head and said...Honestly Hon, you have got to loosen up a bit.

On the way home in the car, I was texting with DM who, as expected, was more OA than me!

Me : We left na. Anissa's in school and will be picked up 5pm.

DM : What? Why did you leave? Kanino sya naiwan doon? Where are you going?

Me : We're going home, nothing else to do there and it's too hot! She's with her friends.

DM : Yun na nga it's too hot outside so why is she going to stay there the whole day?

Me : Ano ba talaga issue mo...why did we leave her there or it's too hot? Hahaha...

DM : Tawa ka pa dyan hindi ka ba natatakot iwanan sya doon?

Me : Mom, she's inside the school grounds. Paano pa kaya tayo pag sa mall na yan
pupunta? Baka himatayin na tayo pareho?

DM : Ah pag sa mall sasama na ako sa kanya...

Me : I think you'll have to wear a disguise to be able to do that.

DM : Disguise? Sige ... I'll look like one of those statues in Eastwood. Papa make up
ako ng ganun para hindi ako makilala ni Anissa. Ay pwede ba...stop it, ayoko
na pag usapan!!!

So now I know...never say never. I remember telling myself in the mirror when I was a teenager : I'LL NEVER BE LIKE MY MOM. See where that got me?

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