Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More presents!

My super dear cousins, Kuya Ricky and wife Hazel are in town from LA and gave us our pasalubongs when we met up for dinner tonight:

Clothes for the two girls, a shirt for DH,
the gold tote is mine
plus lotsa chismis magazines!

The Guess jewelled flats are from Ting (girl, you are one sneaky devil but thanks, I love 'em!)

The black peeptoes are my "bilin" from my favorite Payless Shoe Source but my pleas to pay fell on KR's and H's deaf ears

But this one is the REAL KILLER!!!

2 pounds of Truffles waaahhh!
Gotta hide this from the kiddos

Thanks, too, to my other super cousins --- Bong and Zha for their gifts. Anissa LOVES her statement tee. Thanks, Ninang ZhaZha!

And finally...the girls got these from DB


1 comment:

  1. 2 lbs of truffles.. wow...
    wala bang real truffles dyan..hehe