Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Undomesticated Goddess

Okay here's the scenario...yaya leaves to go on a well-deserved and much-needed 2-week vacation so I'm left with an all-around girl. But all-around girl decides to be delinquent so even if yaya is going, we let her go as well. Were so blessed to have found an efficient replacement almost immediately but guess what??? Her mother passes away unexpectedly on New Year's Eve and it was impossible for me to not allow her to leave. That same night, DF is admitted into St. Luke's, leaving me frustrated because I can't do my share and help watch over him. I need to stay home so I can take care of the kids.
Good thing SIL has a lot of extra help for her garments business. She was able to talk to one of her girls to help me out while I wait for my all-around girl to come back, hopefully by end of the week. BIG HELP because she came in today and did all the chores, all I had to do was teach her how I want everything done and do the lighter stuff like wash the dishes, dusting here and there and picking up after the kids. Anissa no longer needs to be watched closely so I was able to focus on the little one, who of all days decided to be extra-fussy...don't know why.
I was talking to my balikbayan cousins last night and I told them...that's it, I'm 101% sure that life in the US or anywhere abroad without household help is not for me! I would go crazy if I had to do everything by myself. DH is typically male in that I can rely on him for anything other than taking care of the kids. If he has to fix a leak or a busted appliance, he'll do it in a snap. But give Sabine a bath or change her diaper??? Naaahhh! The most he'll do is sit down on our La-Z Boy and pop a DVD in the player with Sabine on his lap, because she really loves to watch anything on the boob tube. She sits still for long periods when she's watching something. I don't have a problem taking care of my kids, no matter how exhausting running around after a 20-month old hurricane can get. But I tell you, doing that PLUS the household chores? It's only past 8 and already I feel like I'm so ready to crash into bed.
Domestic life is really not for everyone. I know for a fact I'm not cut out to be a fulltime housewife, it's just not me. I'd rather be productive at work than labelled a bum who spends a lot of idle time at home.
But until such time that my life is back in order (or til yaya gets back), I shall wear the domesticated cap and do the best I can. For someone who's never really done a lot of housework unless needed, I don't think I'm doing bad at all.Hayyy...tomorrow is another day! It's a Wednesday so I need to work. I'm not too excited thinking about how chaotic it's going to be at home while I'm away.

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