Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm trapped in yesterday (and still in denial)

Remember those annual school fairs? I remember my school (St. Scho' Manila) had this yearly activity sometime in the first quarter of the calendar year (Kulasas in Multiply, correct me if my memory is crappy). I'd look forward to it all the time because it would mean I could bring extra cash with me to school for about 2 straight days so I could get on the rides and buy junkfood. We were allowed to go on the rides during recess, lunch and after dismissal at 3:30. How much was an Octopus ride then? I think it was about P10 (hahahaha I'm THAT old!!!) and I was lucky to get 2 to 3 rides a day --- that's it.

Anissa's school is having its fair til tomorrow. Last night, as I was getting her allowance for today from my wallet she said, Mom, you gotta give me a little extra because it's THE fair in school remember? Okay so I took out an extra 200, thinking I was being realistic enough because aside from spending on the rides and the inflatables she of course had to eat, too. When she saw the two 100 Peso bills her eyes widened and she said in a whisper, Is that it, Mom??? Her face was filled with disbelief but I think mine became horribly distorted when I blurted out, WHY??? What's wrong with 200??? You already have 100 for baon! The 200 is your bonus for the fair!

We debated for the next 5 minutes because she was asking for 500. WHAT?????? 500??? What on earth for??? She explained how much everything cost...the rides, the inflatables, the games, popcorn, a slice of pizza, a glass of Coke, a glass of Iced Tea, an order of Fried Siomai, French Fries...yadda yadda yadda. Unbelievable! I had to stop and wonder whether I was over-reacting but I figured okay, what the heck. The fair takes place only once a year and she usually gets to save 10 or 15 bucks a day from her allowance anyway so fine! I shut up and gave her a 500 Peso bill (but still continued to wonder if I was doing the right thing or throwing in the towel, accepting defeat to an 11 yr old).

Did I get stuck in a time warp? Is the world moving too fast that I'm unable to keep up? Waaaahhhhhhh my little girl is growing up right before my very eyes! Pretty soon she'll be asking me for money to watch a movie with her friends or hang out in Starbucks or go get a hot oil in the salon!

P.S. Tonight at a dinner we went to, she heard my younger cousins talking about My Chemical Romance, Maroon 5, Justin Timberlake...all of them are having concerts in Manila. She bugged me the entire evening about getting her a ticket so she could go with her friends. Take note : she specifically said she wanted to watch with THEM and maybe I could just drop her off and pick her up after

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