Thursday, October 9, 2008


Apart from an extremely toxic day at work?

Here are some noteworthy happenings today...

I can't believe I'm still at it. Growing my hair out, I mean.
I paid THE master Louis Kee a visit @ Cielo Salon today and had my hair colored because my greys were starting to show (thanks to the premature grey hair syndrome which runs on both sides of my family) and I wanted to get this done by an expert, for a change. Louis Kee was no doubt the person I wanted go to because of all the good things said about him. He really is so good at what he does. I can't wait for his very own salon to open at The Fort by the end of the month. He says that by Christmas he can give me a volume rebond.
Do I smell freedom???

These are what I had for dinner tonight at OODY'S in Greenbelt 3
Thai Rice Noodles with Fishballs and Sticky Rice with Mango for dessert
(I forgot...I ordered a Tofu Appetizer but no pic)
Had dinner here with some good friends but talked too much so no people pics hehe

despite the enormous feelings of frustration I carried around today (I'm not in the mood to elaborate here why), my day managed to redeem itself. Sabine woke up with a cold and mild cough this morning, which turned worse in the course of the day. I was pleasantly surprised to see her still awake when I got home just before 10pm. I happily snuggled up to her in bed and we watched Alvin and The Chipmunks together while she drank her last bottle of milk for the night in between coughs and sneezes. Poor baby. =(

Now that both girls are fast asleep I can finally kick back...relax and enjoy my Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Criminal Minds latest episodes.


  1. never been fond of oodys

  2. hi mike! i feel the same way. it's not a place i'd want to go back to frequently. but the food is quite okay.

  3. hi! love the hair. do u know where to reach him now? is he still at cielo?

  4. hi rica...i haven't gone back to louis since this haircut. he should be in his new salon at the fort by now.