Monday, January 14, 2008

Long overdue lunch

Finally got to have lunch with Lizanne, an old friend and ex-Shang Hotel colleague. We've been talking about meeting up for lunch even while I was still a housewife but somehow it never pushed through. Now that our office buildings are just across the street from each other, it was easier for us to schedule our long overdue date

We chose to eat in Chili's Greenbelt because it was a short walk from work
I had the Cheese Steak Sandwich

It was so nice to just kick back and non-stop and catch up on each other's lives after such a long time. Too bad we couldn't complete the group (Ton is based in China, Maan is in Hawaii and Lylah is I don't know where hehehe). Had some really great times in Shang with all of them. Lizanne "shadowed" me when she was new in Sales so we used to go on client calls together. But oh how I hated her guts the very first time I encountered her! I was already in Sales then and she was working at the Front Desk. I asked her something about a previous endorsement I made and she gave me this cold-as-ice answer and since then everyone knew how much I didn't like her. A few months later I heard she was moving up to my department so HAHAHA I think I made a conscious effort to terrorize her on a daily basis. Who'd think we'd end up to be the good friends that we are??? Strange!!!

'Til our next lunch, Lizzie!!!

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