Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gone Too Soon...

I was so shocked to have received the text message from a high school batchmate and friend, about the passing of another friend/batchmate's 11 yr old daughter recently. Didn't know at first what the cause of her daughter's death was but regardless of the circumstances, how do you deal with the pain of losing a child? That was the question running through my head at that time, and up to the time I and other girls from our batch went to the wake last night.

It was only then that we got to talk to our friend, the child's mother about how it all happened. Her daughter was taking a shower and died of electrocution. The culprit? Their water heater. Hearing the story sent chills up my spine! Primarily because it was all so tragic. How can you lose your precious child under such a freak and tragic circumstance??? Secondly, I immediately remembered that I have water heaters installed in our bathrooms at home and using it at bath time is so routine for all of us, including the kids.

How can we prevent something like this from happening? I had so many questions on my mind but didn't have the heart to ask my friend what they thought really happened or if the heater was defective. She had too much on her plate as it was. I don't even want to imagine the kind of pain she's going through right now.

When I got home last night, I couldn't sleep right away thinking of what to do with the heaters at home. Today, I specifically told everyone not to use the heaters until we're sure they're in perfect working condition. I went back to basics and used the popular "tabo" when I took my showers today. Does anyone have any inputs on this?

Meantime, please help me pray for the eternal rest of Nicole and strength and acceptance for those she left behind...

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  1. That is such a loss. =(

    Will be praying.