Saturday, January 17, 2009

One beauty product I absolutely cannot be without. My lips have always had a tendency to be dry and chappy. So think of a lipbalm brand and I've tried it. My staples though are Carmex (always on the top of my list and inside my kit), Blistex Liptone (naturally tinted but not glossy) and Rosebud Salve (it just really makes me lazy sometimes to use it because it comes in a tin can and I need my pinky to apply).

But very recently, I discovered another one to add to my list of faves --- the CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in No. 1136. Here's my review for all you lipbalm freaks out there :

#1, this does not look and feel like your regular lipbalm at all. I was hesitant to use it at first because the main problem I encounter with lipglosses is this : shiny means sticky. And it's true for most brands. There are certain brands I bought and tried and ended up ditching after a couple of uses because my lips felt like they were glued together. That's not the kind of thing you want to be feeling the entire day. But this one didn't do that to my lips at all.

#2, the tint is perfect on me! I'm really very particular about the shades I put on my lips. My bff always tells me I should be more adventurous and try pinks or reds but it's the more natural ones that really get me excited. Tint 1136 has just the right amount of pink in it, just a tiny tiny touch, so it doesn't really look so pink on me.

#3, it's minty and it tingles. I'm not too fond of lip plumpers because of the supposed tingling sensation they give. But this one is not over the top. It's not a plumper, mind you, so don't get that wrong impression. But the combination of mint and tingle on the lips is enough to keep you interested.

#4, YOU CAN LICK IT. Unlike other brands that taste like wax or medicine, this one tastes like candy cane! That's why the manufacturers say it also works as a breath freshener, because the flavor gets transferred into your mouth whenever you lick your lips (and I have a pretty bad habit of doing that all the time)

THE VERDICT? This is my new secret weapon!
I haven't put it through the ultimate road test yet. Like I said, I have a habit of licking my lips so by the time I was about to eat my burger late yesterday afternoon, the balm had almost disappeared. The current weather is making my lips 2x more chappy and dry and this one happily does the trick. If I find myself needing more, maybe I'll layer it with Carmex. Next time, I'll try wearing it on top of lipstick to see if it works just as well.

Finally, here are some photos I took of myself wearing it

Indoor shot

In natural sunlight...I was standing by the front door hehehe

And now outdoors

I am definitely hoarding!!!

Just a note so I won't forget:
FACE - Lumiere Medium Beige Foundation, Milan Minerals Perfect Presentation Powder to set
CHEEKS - Lumiere Ditto "O" blush (a perfect Nars Orgasm dupe!)
BROWS - In2It Brow Powder (my holy grail...)
EYES - Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Liner in black on upper lashline and waterline

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