Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad News (yet again)

I got a text message a few minutes ago from a former colleague who informed me of this terrible accident that happened today. A boat was en route to Puerto Galera when one of its outriggers broke. As of this afternoon, there were 12 fatalities out of 60 plus passengers.

Unfortunately, two of the fatalities are the mother and son of another former colleague, Mon E. who runs the very successful Myron's Restaurants. His son Franco was only 3 yrs old. I was told that his older son survived but is still in the hospital. His 2 yr old nephew, son of his sister also perished in the accident.

Just weeks ago, I blogged about a high school friend who lost her 11 yr old daughter to a freak accident involving a water heater in the shower.
And now this. It gave me goose bumps because I remember that a few years ago, I went with Neal to Galera on one of his dive trips. The usual 30-minute or so boat ride from the Batangas Port to Galera took more than an hour because the waves were so huge. We were drenched from head to foot and I was close to freaking out because it really felt like the water was going to eat us all up. A friend told me that the waters there are really very dangerous.

My heart and prayers go out to Mon and his wife at this very difficult time.


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