Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drama Drama Drama

Sabine and I have an agreement. Every Friday after school, she can pass by Jollibee or McDonald's to buy merienda before going home. She came home today, her face so sad because she wanted to buy a cheeseburger and fries. But it's Thursday, so Yayay told her to wait until tomorrow.

This didn't sit well with her and she whined until she got home. When she saw me, she whined and complained some more. I had to put my foot down even if my heart wanted to give in. It's something I need to do each time, no matter how difficult it is to say "no" to my kids. 

She cried and whined and cried and whined. She eventually walked out of the Master's bedroom when she couldn't get my attention. I totally ignored her while she cried and sniffed. I didn't follow her to the other room when she left.

Maybe around 10 minutes later, she walked back into my room and gave me this

This is the cutest! I had to bite my lips to keep from laughing because she would've gotten more upset. 
And at that point I was so tempted to hug her and end the war but I didn't. Instead, I asked her to come to me instead (I'm still the boss, am I not?) so we could talk. We did and after a few failed attempts to get me to concede, we finally made peace. 

Can she be 6 years old forever? Anissa keeps asking the same question. :) 


  1. Matteo's version is to come up to me a few minutes after crying in a corner and say "Im so sad, Mama. I'm really, really so sad." LOL

  2. How sweet. I wish when Y is older and have arguments like this, I'll be strong enough not to give in. Kasi now I always give in haha. OH no.

  3. It's so hard no? Kaya mo yan :)

  4. Natawa ako dito! Parang "FYI" LOL

  5. Exactly! Hahaha! She drives me nuts!