Saturday, November 1, 2008

16 Days To Go!

I'm counting down the days 'til I turn 40!

Same time last year, I remember having a conversation with Jin about not wanting to celebrate my birthday. She asked me why and I said it's probably because I never really skipped a year without holding a big party for family and friends. If it wasn't a party, it was a night out, still with a big group. I guess I just got tired of all that fussing over my birthday. Not that a birthday isn't a big deal. It's a blessing and I haven't stopped thinking of birthdays that way, really. Jin, on the other hand, had not been celebrating hers so last year she decided to do otherwise.

It's really a matter of preference. This year for my 40th, my stand is the same. No big celebrations. All I want to do is celebrate with family and that's it. In my group, I'm the fourth to turn 40 this year. The other three all had quiet celebrations too. So I'm kinda glad that none of them will question my decision to stay quiet myself.

Earlier, I was chatting with Chiqui, another longtime friend and groupmate. She reminded me that my birthday's coming up and I said oh yes, I know I'm turning 40 very soon but I don't really feel like celebrating in a big way. She first kidded me about being in denial about my age and tha'ts probably why I don't feel like throwing a party haha! But later on, she said she understands. She's a bit younger but has been feeling the same way for a few years now everytime her birthday comes. She made me realize something...

We really are getting older. Priorities have changed. Years ago, it would have been friends first --- ALWAYS. I remember how, on several of my birthdays, I'd have dinner with my family first but I'd be rushing off to be with friends soon after that. My parents must have felt so bad that I wanted to be with other people more! Today, obviously the tables have been turned. I'd rather be with my family on my birthday.

She's absolutely right. We're at that age where family comes first. Our friends are mature enough to understand this and secure enough to know that friendships are based on more important things.

Another year older, another year wiser.

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