Friday, November 28, 2008

Pure Comedy

I was in the Shaw Blvd. branch of Pure Gold today to grab a few groceries and toiletries for our long weekend trip to Subic. I didn't know they had these small baskets on wheels so I ended up getting the usual shopping cart even if I knew I only had to get a few things.

When it was time to pay, I noticed that the lines on the regular counters were ridiculously long and the carts were filled to the maximum! Some even had more than one cart. I'm guessing that a lot of these people have sari sari stores because most of the things in their cart were multiple packs of the same items.

Anyhoo...I walked over to their express lanes to see if I could be luckier. I had only about a dozen items in my cart anyway. The lanes were labeled Basket Lane. So, okay I fell in line in one of them and the cashier, upon seeing that I had a cart said, "Ay Ma'am, basket lane po ito hindi po pwede ang cart."

Here's the rest of this very amusing conversation...

ME : Pero tignan mo yung laman ng cart ko, mga 12 pieces lang lahat yan so dapat pwede diba? Kasi express lane ang ibig sabihin ng basket lane?

CASHIER : Hindi po, ibig po sabihin dapat basket ang bitbit ninyo. (at this point, I wanted to pounce on her for giving me such a stupid answer but I was in a good mood so she was lucky, I decided to be "playful")

ME : Ah okay sige.
(I looked around and found myself a basket, moved all my purchases from the cart to the basket and went back to the same cashier).

ME : Miss, naka-basket na. Okay na?

CASHIER : Opo Ma'am okay na po!

ME : Kasi naman di ko naintindihan yung ibig sabihin ng basket lane hehehe.

Basket case pwede pa! Duh...


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