Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Rare Moment

Here it is...
the thing that made me smile ear to ear

Dinner alone with Neal
Very rare indeed
Have not had the chance to go on a "date" for the longest time and I don't remember the last time he actually said, "Hon, can I take you out to dinner...just you and I?"

But it was my 40th birthday, so I guess I deserved this pleasant surprise

He asked me to choose the place
I've been wanting to go back to MINATO since the first time I ate there 2 weeks ago
And so...my wish was his command!

All the appetizers I love!!!

He really enjoyed the food too!

Here they come!

That's Tenderloin Strips on the left and Marinated Beef Short Ribs on the right

Bibimbap again!

Special treatment from start to finish

All I had to do was sit and wait to be served

What a perfect way to end my birthday!

(do we look sleepy in this picture? that's because we were from all that food!)

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