Monday, December 8, 2008

Dora, Is That You?

Sabine's hair has been quite "disorganized" since I decided I wanted to grow it. So when my DM's stylist came over to cut DM's hair, I told him to "reorganize" Sabine's hair hehehe. Surprisingly, she didn't move a bit! Her past 2 haircuts at Cuts for Tots were nightmares! I had to carry her on both occasions and she cried as if there was no tomorrow. This time around, I was totally impressed by her quiet demeanor.

Quite scared at first...

And then a good sign...a smile!

Now beginning to get curious about her cut

Awww...I love her new bob cut!
Unfortunately, I didn't get to take an "after" pic because she started running all over the place, excited to show off her new hairstyle

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