Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twilight Crazy

Anissa succeeded in convincing me to go and see TWILIGHT with her a 2nd time yesterday. She found the perfect opportunity because she had no classes and managed to drag along my DB and gf hehehe. Greenbelt was wide open, I guess because everyone else scrambled for tickets on the first week the movie was shown. We made it, photo finish style, to the 2:15 pm screening at Greenbelt 3 (ClicktheCity said 2:30 NOT 2:15!). We hurriedly bought food and rushed inside to find an almost empty theater --- sarap!

Here's my take on the movie : I give it 3 stars. I didn't find it dragging,although I don't see the need to watch it again nor read the book, even if it's lying around here somewhere at home. I'm not a fan of such storylines kasi. The Fantasy and Sci-Fi types are not my cup of tea. I've NEVER seen a Star Wars or Lord of The Rings movie --- that's how much I don't like these kinds. Anyhoo back to Twilight...

The actors? Not bad for people I haven't even seen before. Except for a couple of them whom I've watched on Grey's Anatomy and CSI.

Left : Rachel Lefevre who came out on CSI as a cop's girlfriend and in What About Brian as the lead's stripper girlfriend

Right : Elizabeth Reaser who played Esme Cullen
Appeared in Grey's Anatomy as the Jane Doe that Alex Karev fell in love with

Bottomline? Okay fine Edward is not bad-looking I'm sure (especially in real life, sans all that gunk on his face), but I thought his movie Dad, Carlisle Cullen was more my type

Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen

Peter Facinelli aka Carlisle Cullen
Prev: Dora, is that you?

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