Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sunday Family Style:Stevie's Hainanese Chicken

Sundays are sacred. We get together as a family no matter what happens. And when my family decides to eat, we EAT. Thanks to my Dad who had such high standards when it came to food, it all rubbed off on the rest of us somehow. My brother decided to order Stevie's Hainanese Chicken this time. I had tried it once before at a friend's party, but I arrived late, so I didn't really get to enjoy it much. This time, I made sure I had enough to make me and my tummy happy.

Here was the spread at the dinner table. The noodle dish (Sotanghon Satay) on the left side of the photo is from a small, neighborhood Chinese restaurant that's close to our house called PVL. If you're from my area, you would know which place I'm talking about. They have really good food and so cheap too.

Now back to Stevie's...
I had all the time to savor the food this time around and I really did. I zoomed in on the chicken and the rice right away, having had the Sotanghon Satay from PVL like a million times before. I'm a chicken person. I can eat chicken in different versions every single day and not complain a bit. In fact, I've always been partial to chicken cooked the Asian way. Hence, Hainanese Chicken has always been on top of my list of choices. On previous trips to Singapore, I would order the same thing regardless of where we ate, just to see which place served the best kind. 
Let me be extremely specific about my experience

The chicken - Fat but not in a sinful kind of way, which is just the way I like it. They use a whole chicken per order (as stated in their Facebook page) so expect a very generous portion that's really good for sharing with the family or a group of friends. The sauce that comes with the chicken in the container is so good, most of you will probably opt not to use the sauces that come with your order. 

The rice - Fluffy and fragrant! On the way home after we picked up our orders, the smell of the rice enveloped the entire van and I was dying inside, starving and desperate for a spoon LOL! 

The sauces - there were four kinds: sweet soy sauce, ginger, chili and topping sauce. I tried all and my favorite was the sweet soy sauce (I wonder if any supermarket carries this type) followed by the toppings sauce, which I think is the same sauce that the chicken floated in. 

I haven't had Hainanese Chicken this good since my last Singapore vacation ... really! 

For just P980 an order, this is definitely worth it. It lasted us until lunchtime the next day and we were sad when we finally finished everything. 

It's the perfect thing to bring to a potluck gathering because it won't disappoint. 

Stevie's operates out of a house in Bel-Air Makati, so this is strictly for pick-up basis only. 
Call them at 0906 508-4155 to order. Give it a day just to be safe because from what I hear, they've become so popular. 

You can check out their Facebook page here

I want more!!!


  1. I want to try Stevie's for so long! Layo lang so dapat special occassion talaga!

  2. I promise you it will be worth the trip!

  3. Our family is like that as well. Sunday is strictly for family, so we have lunch at home, hear mass and then have dinner out every. single. Sunday. And that's why I can't watch UAAP basketball live on Sundays. LOL

  4. Melvel, haha! I'm lucky 'cause our get together is always at dinner time. We can just go directly after a game :)