Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sweet Friday

Except for Sunday dinners with the family, I now prefer to stay at home on weekends. Yes, even if I'm already home 80% of the time the rest of the week. That, my dears, is brought to you by no less than AGE. Hahaha!

But yesterday was an exception. I had been craving for The Sweet Life by Ange's Camote Chips for days, especially the Salty Sweet version. The other flavors don't make me as happy. So I decided to make a quick stop at the Baker's Fair in Power Plant Mall. 

I happily snagged 3 bags

They sell for P150 each, not exactly cheap. But they're so good, I just had to stock up.

I also ended up buying two whole cakes when I saw that Costa Brava had a table there. One for the house and the other to contribute to this Sunday's dinner

Caramel Cake on the left and old-school Marshmallow Icing cake (which my Mom LOVES)

I had to stop myself from buying more because we don't have one of those gigantic refrigerators at home and the kids still have some sweets stored in there from my trip to Boni High Street last Thursday. I really should slow down on my sugar intake. 

Sigh. But how?

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