Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Prom Mom

Life didn't stop just because I was diagnosed with (breast) cancer. That's probably the worst part of getting sick, for some people. It's having to deal with the illness on top of all your other "things to do". In my case, I'm just so happy that I had to be confined just once and that was it. My chemo treatments are all out-patient, so except for the brief downtime, I always feel okay and go back to regular routines in no time. 

Anissa's 16 and a high school junior, hence, the title of this entry. She'll be having her prom in February and we are slowly busying ourselves with the preps. I signed up to be part of the PHCT (Parent-Homeroom Collaboration Team) this year, mainly because of the Prom. I've never been a Batch Parent Rep(resentative) before because work was already too much. I wanted all my free time to be for the family. This time though, I have no excuse not to be involved ... especially because the Prom is such an exciting milestone! 

The dress, the hair and make-up and oh ... the date! We still don't have a date up to now. That's largely due to the fact that Anissa is not your typical party-going teenager. Her world has been all about school and dance and all her dance friends. She's slightly panicking about not having one but is hopeful about it. Anyway, last resort could be any one of my friends' boys hee hee. Wish us luck! 

This is such a bittersweet time for a Mom like me. I'm totally excited for her to go and yet ... it just tells me how grown-up she's become! In a little over a year, she'll be 18, officially an adult! I'll cross that sad bridge when I get there, though.

In the meantime, back to preps and finding the right people to do the Prom photos and video/s because that's the specific committee I'm in! 

Hope you all have a safe Tuesday! 

P.S. My thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Visayas and Mindanao, for their safety from super Typhoon Pablo. Lord, please take over. 

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