Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank God for Headware

I don't know why it took me months to discover them. If my friends hadn't given me one of the head scarves, I really wouldn't have known that Headware existed.

I've been wearing my wig a lot, thanks to a very generous, Super Friend who sent it (and another one) to me all the way from California. But seriously, there are times when I'm out in public and I'm so tempted to take it off. It is just so hot to wear in the kind of weather we're having. 

Yesterday, I decided to use one of the Christmas presents I've already received from friends. It's the most basic kind of Headware in a really pretty design.

I instantly fell in love the minute I put this on. Even my daughters told me I should only wear my wig/s when I really have to or on special occasions. This is really a lot lighter and more convenient to wear on a daily basis. 

Their tagline, "Keep Your Head Happy" is so appropriate. I wore this the whole day yesterday and not once felt bothered or burdened. It was so liberating!

If you go to Headware's official website, you'll find that there are so many ways to wear this basic style. This means, it's not something I need to give away when my hair grows back. I can keep it and use it as  a headband, a neck scarf, a face mask, or even as a bandeau!

Good thing I had a last minute errand to run before dinner. I went to Greenhills to have some things exchanged and walked over to Planet Sports in V-Mall to find maybe a couple more of these. 

I bought the first one in Planet Sports and then for some reason, I found myself inside The Travel Club (looking at suitcases, I don't know why!) and saw they carry Headware too. The tie-dye and solid gray ones are from there. 

According to their Facebook Page, these are made of 100% Polyester Microfibre. They're breathable and elastic. I'm already thinking of who I can give these to for Christmas. 

I'm hoping to find a really nice black and red one and then I guess I'm done. The basic style (depending on the design) costs as low as P290.00. Price will go up if you get their Limited Edition styles, but I still don't think they're too expensive, given the many ways you can use them. 

This isn't a paid post, btw. I'm just really so excited about this discovery. 

Now which one to use when I go to chemo cycle 3 today? Hmmm...

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